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Left school at 16. Taught PE and later Philosophy at Kings in London. I have a passion for the movies and a love of theatre. 20 years in the Oil Industry paid the mortgage while we raised two of the best kids in the world. Since early retirement doing what I want – writing. Member of Writewords writers' website since 2004 improving my writing skills across genres. I have posted about 200 Film Reviews, 4 Theatre Reviews, 120 Poems, 3 Short Stories, Journalism, Humour and a musical adaptation. I used to post reviews to the BBC Collective website and before the site closed had 17 selected/prize reviews. Since early retirement I decided to do a few things that scare the shit out of me, so have begun to read my own poetry occasionally at the Poetry Society Open Mike evenings at the Poetry Cafe in London. Still scares me - but sort of fun. My first and probably last, flying lesson was in 2006.

I am putting all my writng on my blog at present (July 08). Address:

Musically I was raised on the early rock n’ roll greats – Jerry Lee Lewis, Everlys, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly Little Richard. All of whom I saw perform live - except Buddy - lost all my money at poker the week before (don't gamble any more). Since then notably: Dylan, (Dr) Buffy Sainte Marie, Cash, Willie Nelson, Nanci Griffith, Don Maclean etc. Just discovered a superb Sami (Lapp/Norwegian) singer Marie Boine (Petersen) who fuses traditional Sami ‘joik’ music with modern rock.

Books/Authors: Catch-22, Middlemarch, all of Camus and Wittgenstein, Simone Weil, and recently a marvellous book called ‘Native Heart’ by Native American Gabriel Horn aka White Deer of Autumn.

Movies: so many – includes The Third Man, Singin’ in The Rain, 3-Iron, Lost In Translation, Notre Music, Saraband. I'm Not There

Love The West Wing – the best TV series ever written.

Disgusted with Blair Bush and contemporary UK politics.

'Zettel' comes from the title of a posthumus Ludwig Wittgenstein book made up of thoughts found after his after his death written on hundreds of little scraps of paper. 'Zettel' means in German 'a little piece of paper'.


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