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WriteWords - About Us

The WriteWords team founded WW in 2003, because we wanted a writing community that we would want to join ourselves. Now over 10 years old, we are one of the oldest, most-loved and respected writing communities on the internet.

What the WriteWords team do:
  • Moderate the Forum and maintain a balance between freedom of speech and keeping the community respectful, safe, considerate and welcoming
  • Edit the Directory to constantly update details of publishers, agents, magazines, etc
  • Add Jobs and Opportunities that may be of interest to members
  • Interview authors, agents and other industry people, often WW members- part of what we aim to do is help raise the profile of new writers
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WriteWords is run and owned as a Partnership by:

 David Bruce, webmaster and site designer.
Anna Reynolds, award-winning playwright and screenwriter, (interview)
Richard Brown, biographer and non-fiction author. (interview)