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James Graham's Clairvoyance is published in . (Available Now)
  • In James Graham’s new collection we find poems that capture places from the ‘scrambled heart’ of the city to the haunted stone circle on the moor; poems that travel in time, looking into the ‘darkness at both ends of time’; poems that are inspired by the

  • Issy's (a.k.a. edited by Barbara Godwin) Work in Progress: First Steps on the Road to Becoming Children's Writers is published . (Available Now)
  • The writers were students on the MA course at Winchester for Writing for Children, and this is their unedited writing assignments and essays, alongside the not-always-complimentary assessments given by tutors. It is intended to be of practical help to stu

  • Katerina's (a.k.a. Tina K Burton ) anthology Came as Me, Left as We is published in Alfie Dog Fiction. (Available Now)
  • An anthology of 21 great stories with different themes by various writers.

  • jamiem's (a.k.a. Jamie Mitchinson) Loveliness Raged is published . (Available Now)
  • ‘Hello Tommy,’ said the intruder. ‘Found you. Yes, it's you I'm talking to. Are you awake, big man? You’ve got quite an arsenal of caffeine on tap there, so I’m guessing you really ought to be. Are you meditating then? Closed for business? Or are

  • Hilary Custance's (a.k.a. Hilary Custance Green) Unseen Unsung is published . (Available Now)
  • Luca, brilliant but self-absorbed young opera singer, is buried in the rubble of a collapsed building. A girl crawls through the debris to comfort him and then vanishes. Did she die in the ruins? Is she a figment of his injured brain? A moving story

  • jacks_domino's (a.k.a. Melanie Hunter) Dorsello's Key (All author royalties donated to Amnesty International) is published . (Available Now)
  • Children's Fantasy Adventure: Tom McCormick was just like any other boy his age, with the exception of having an intriguing imagination and being an exceptional storyteller. He didn’t mind school, especially when lessons allowed him to tell stories

  • Hedda's (a.k.a. Steve Attridge) Bottom of the List is published . (Available Now)
  • Roebuck university is completely corrupt. Monstrous egos, existential terror, corporate bullying and murder head the curriculum, along with romantic angst, constipation problems, sanity issues and bad plumbing. In an hilarious riot of a tale that echoes

  • Jubbly's (a.k.a. Julie Balloo (WW member) Lane Ashfeldt, Andrew Lloyd-Jones, Julie Rayne, Phoebia Freeman and many more.) Down the Angel and Up Holloway is published . (Available Now)
  • An Anthology of short stories about Islington by authors who have lived and worked in Islington.

  • Recently Added

    Becca's (a.k.a. Rebecca Lloyd) Short STory Mercy is published in Tartarus Press. (Available 26th March 2014)
  • Rebecca Lloyd’s new collection of sixteen strange stories, nine of which are previously unpublished, is made up of tales of unease with a sprinkling of the ghostly, menacing and fantastical. The stories inhabit the fragile space between fantasy and realit

  • Richard Brown's Modern Metaphysical Theory Something to Believe is published by Right Words. (Available 30/06/2013)
  • The distillation of a lifetime's thought, a completely radical view of the nature of the universe. It poses the crucial question: In which camp shall you settle, the linear or the circular?

  • euclid's (a.k.a. JJ Toner) Crime thriller FIND EMILY is published on Amazon kindle. (Available Available now)
  • Number 2 in the DI Ben Jordan series. Jordan is tasked with finding an eleven-year-old schoolgirl who has been abducted.

  • shellgrip's (a.k.a. Jack Gritton) Short Stories with an SF/Crime twist Beneath Our Feet is published in Amazon Kindle. (Available Now)
  • My ever growing collection of shorts, though not growing fast enough. 4 so far, 5th about to be added.

  • eve26's (a.k.a. Eve Ainsworth) Comedy The Blog of Maisy Malone is published in .
  • My name is Maisy Malone. I’m seventeen years old, live in a ratty council house with my 60 year old, near-alcoholic Dad and a dog with a leaky bum. This is my blog. You can either like it, or you can…well… blog off!! ;o) Maisy is seventeen and has rea

  • SamanthaT's (a.k.a. Samnatha Tonge) Short Story Collection Sweet Talk is published in Alfie Dog Fiction. (Available Out now)
  • A collection of feel-good stories bound to leave you feeling uplifted, from Samantha Tonge, a regular writer for The People's Friend magazine. The perfect gift for that difficult-to-buy-for person!

  • Bald Man's (a.k.a. Colin Neville) General Fiction Millstone is published in FeedaRead. (Available 2011)
  • A male teacher in a primary school struggles to clear his name after false allegations of sexual misconduct are made by pupils and a parent against him.

  • Sandra Tena's La Sombra Detrás (The Shadow Behind) is published in Amazon Medi. (Available Now)
  • Cuando Diego y Ana se conocen, ambos piensan que lo que menos necesitan en el mundo es la compañía del otro, ya que son opuestos en todos los sentidos. Diego es un estudiante modelo de una preparatoria, guitarrista de una banda en su tiempo libre, popular

  • Max China's novel The Sister is published by Skinnybirdproductions. (Available Now)
  • CORNWALL, ENGLAND, 1967. Two children witness a murder. One, a seven-year old boy, views it from fifty yards - the other, a young Irish girl, from miles away . . . A variety of seemingly unconnected people are introduced and woven into the fabric of t

  • tollykit's (a.k.a. Elaine Hillson) Frozen Flash is published by Elaine Hillson. (Available Now)
  • From fantasy to horror and everything in between. A selection of flash fiction stories ready to delight and feed your imagination.

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