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MENTAL BONDAGE in the name of God

by aidid 

Posted: 14 July 2005
Word Count: 1486
Summary: Religion enslaves the mind, body, and soul. It keeps us from eexperiencing the reality of our oneness, and teaches us of separation. A must read for Muslims wishing to disassociate themselves from the doctrines of extremism, terrorism, and paganism espoused by the spiritual leaders garbed as mullahs, ayatollahs, ulema, and scholars.

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A lady physician from Canada wrote to me and said, "If we aim to understand our creator we are bound to commit error of personification". I cannot agree with her more. And, in addition - 'the error is aggravated when we try to find the answer from organised religion'.

With all that humans have been taught by their religions - by their priests and their rabbis and their mullahs and their monks - how is it that, in the collective experience of a huge portion of humanity, it has not done any good?

Collectively, humans - in spite of their religious beliefs, are unceasingly and increasingly violent with their own kind. They did very little in addressing oppression, prejudice, gender discrimination, child abuse, denying civil rights, exploitation, and injustice in their surroundings. Ignoring these sufferings is as much a form of violence as inducing it.

We need to pay attention to the fact that our aspiration for an orderly way of life is dying. We need to notice what the world has gone through, and what it has tried to give us, and we need to wake up to see what we, our parents and our neighbours are doing, collectively and individually.

How much more will mankind allow themselves to endure before they begin looking for the underlying reason that the world is the way it is? Those who say that they believe God is powerful enough to be the cure for the world's ill, have themselves failed to see that an inaccurate belief could be more powerful to be the real cause.

Let me get to the heart of the matter forthrightly devoid of rhetoric. The majority of people on earth regardless of their standing are slaves to earthly gods in the name of religion – consciously or not.

For example, people who enslave their mind who thought they knew what God wants called themselves the Chosen People hanged men and women in town squares, and burned others on the stake, holding up the Good Book and declaring them witches. They are the same people who passed laws making it illegal for humans of differing races to marry.

Approximately 1.5 billion people have shackled their mind to a bigoted idea that God needs their worship, animal sacrifice, ritual prayer, fasting, and homage to a rock hunk that symbolises God’s Glory. Their earthly gods told armies of Muslims to send marauders far and wide to kill and conquer every land and culture and bring it under the Nation of Islam.

Almost two billion people are in bondage to the idea that suffering is to be used by them to better themselves, and to purify their souls. One whole religion is built upon this belief, asserting that all beings have been saved by the suffering of one being, who died for the sins of the rest.

After Abraham, a man called Moses committed himself to the Ten Commandments, a providence that could lead to an orderly way of life assuring peacefulness. Without his knowledge, his enemies wrote the Talmud, the Jews see as God's revelation. It became the tenets of Judaism, a religion unknown to him.

Jesus went to the same community calling them to restore the original law - and for that - the Talmudic rabbis decreed that he was guilty of blasphemy and ordered him to be crucified. A simple question comes to mind. Did he die because he sinned against the rabbis - or for the sins of the rest? The answer traumatises every dogmatic mind - including that of United States President. Nevertheless, a new religion was created after him. Like Moses, Jesus never knew there would be a religion called 'Christianity'.

Out of mercy the Creator sanctioned the same providence to an Arab confirming previous scriptures, but his own people created a new religion and packed it with Arab myth and tribal cults. Like Moses and Jesus, Muhammad had no idea about any religion called Islam. This kind of news is obnoxious to the bigoted minds, including that of armed forces or police generals, Supreme Court judges, or scientists. Unfortunately, that is the truth.

Organised religion creates a system of one direction of power to control. Pharaoh enslaved people with religion. Today, Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers and their officials knowingly or unknowingly are slaves of Pharaohs in different garbs of rabbis, priests, monks, and mullahs. Thus, Pharaoh's artifice is here to reign - unless we start to think!

So far, no organised religion has provided mankind with effective guidance in how to live as one nation, in peace and harmony. They have created dissent, disorder, and their doctrines are taking us from the light of life to the deepest abyss. People now live in mass hypnotism and mental bondage. Have we lost the courage to take the challenge to unload the burdens and remove the chains that binds us?

This book presents a comprehensive study of one of the three main religions from its original scriptural text. It exposes the manner of how the enemies of a prophet distorted the 'words' to create a religion of 'Islam' as we know and see it today. Like Judaism and Christianity, the religionists have invented the Arab religion. Obviously, this research shocks the Muslims around the world, yet it sovereigns the bondage of the critical minds among them – it is a revelation to humanity.


Preface 9


Annex 29

Misconception 33
The Qur’an (or the reading) 36
Serve God alone 38
God is not an Arab 40
Ownership claim 49
Create division among people 50
Stone worshipers 53
Worship of mountain rocks 55
The conspiracies 56

There is no ‘religion’ of God 63
Deen does not mean religion 77
Total Freedom 80
Virtual idols 82
Serve God through commitments 85
God is not to be ‘worshiped’ 91
Moses and Jesus did not worship God 97
Religion is man made 102

The Arab religion 105
Arab tales about the present ‘Ka’aba’ 108
Religion is not from God 120
Arab religious laws 124
The Arab ritual prayer 130
Annex 134

Solaa is commitment not ritual prayer 135
Solaa between people 143
Solaa to yourself 147
Solaa is about doing ‘deeds’ 148
Abraham’s commitments 155
Moses’ commitments 156
Jesus’ commitments 157
Muhammad’s commitments 159
Ask for God’s help without rituals 161
Glorify God through commitments 165
Ritual prayer is not in the Qur’an 166
Ritual prayer is a conspiracy 167

The Solaa shuffle 171
How the Arabs do the ‘Solaa shuffle’ 172
Frequently asked questions 177
Questions that the religionists cannot answer 181

Religious tithe collection is a scam 185
Zakaa does not mean religious tithe 186
Basic universal values 187
Charity is prescribed 189
Religious tithe invented by the religionists 192
Zakaa is not about money 195
The meaning of the word Zakaa 195

The prime target was Abraham 199
The significance of Abraham’s status 204
Fairy tales to strengthen the conspiracies 205

The worship of stone house 211
Abraham did not know anything about Mecca 212
Bayta is a system, not a house 220
Bayta according to the reading 221
Bayti-ya in the Reading 225
‘Haram’ is not ‘Sacred’ 229
Take the challenge to find the system 233
What is inside the Bayta? 235

The corruption continues 239
Abraham’s status (maqami ibrohim) 241
The word committed corrupted 242
Cleanse the system 244
‘Group of people’ corrupted 245
Thawwaf 247
Cleaving becomes retreating 248
‘Humbly submits’ becomes ‘bow and prostrate’ 250
‘Sujud’ does not mean physical prostration 254
Ruk’u does not mean physical bowing 258

‘Submission’ becomes ‘mosque’ 267
The Deen is prescribed 273
Masjid is submission 273
The submission is prescribed 280
The message in the revelations 283
Submission during pre-Qur’anic period 285
Sanctions during pre-Qur’anic period 290
Focus on the sanctioned submission 303
The sanctions revealed 306
2:142-152 - the wider context 310

Wildlife conservation sabotaged 315
Wildlife conservation becomes pilgrim’s garb 326
The word ‘ihram’ not found in the Qur’an 328
Guidance becomes ‘animal offerings’ 332
More corruption 332
The sanctions on food 335
Animal caught by dogs are permitted
fulfil the Devil’s promise 340
Ka’bata (ankles) becomes God’s house 342
Umra and Haj: The invented pilgrimage 355
‘Amr means ‘Life’ 355
God U’mra to humans 356
Humans give life (U’mra) to the earth 357
How the word U’mra in 9:19 was distorted 361
Haj is a challenge NOT a pilgrimage 363
Hajii Akhbar means the ‘Big Challenge’ 367
Hajaa Ibrohim 371
Abraham and Ishmael were never in Mecca 377
The Arabs were pagans 380
The ‘Challenge’ to Sunnis and Shiite 386

A message to Arab religionists 389

The message of the Reading 397
Serve God as individuals 397
Dialectical Acrobatics 401
The corruption 405
The readers of translations 408

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Comments by other Members

Plagious at 17:55 on 20 August 2005  Report this post

Such ancient writings can be written on four levels; literal, moral, allgorical and esoteric.
When people read little, they never get beyond the first two.

The latter two cross the divides and often share similar purposes for our existance.

The will and interpretation of men can be flawed.

Anger harms no-one except those that are angry.
It is self-destructive.

Be at peace


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