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The Con Bees

by inder 

Posted: 23 July 2005
Word Count: 4890
Summary: This story is a look at a plausible future evolutionary path for our species. The story was inspired by dreams

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Mahira’s Tales

The Con-Bees

Nevada, USA:

“Did you see the car that just went by? I am sure it was made of something different, as if many small discrete parts were aligned and not as a continuum of metal. Has a new technology been developed that I am not aware of?” Sam had parked their car on the side of the long, desolate highway so Tony could relieve himself.

“Are you sure you saw it the way you are saying it? Let’s step on the gas and catch up to check it out.” Tony was always game for new adventures.

As they pull onto the highway and start accelerating, the other car starts moving forward faster, as if realizing instantly that Sam and Tony were in pursuit. Sam increases his speed and the other car speeds up even more and this attempted catch up continues for a full five minutes. A bend appears on the road ahead that curves sharply along a ridge and the other car continues at breakneck speed instead of slowing down a bit to negotiate the turn.

When Sam takes the bend and reaches the straight road once again, the other car is nowhere in sight on the long road that they can see for miles ahead.

“The car couldn’t have vanished into thin air!” Tony is excited and exasperated; in fact, he is experiencing several emotions almost all at the same time. “What’s the funny looking booth up there? I am sure it wasn’t there when I drove the other way yesterday. This is really getting exciting. Let’s go and check out the booth.”

Sam was engrossed gaping on the other side of the road and only half-heard Tony. “What’s this on the other side – a fountain in the middle of the desert?? And it’s a rather strange looking fountain, you’ll agree!”

Tony gasped - “Hey, the booth has vanished now and I see the car hanging on a tree!! Oh boy, I sure love this magic, miracle, whatever you call it. I am certain it was not in the tree when we turned the bend and I’d give a lot of bucks to find out how it got to where it is now. ”

Sam had not been fond of the mystical experiences that Tony found himself involved in now and then, as if he attracted these to occur to him. “Sure looks like you’re enjoying this, and I am getting the creeps.” However much he wanted to avoid these experiences, his curiosity did lead him to start up the car and drive slowly towards the tree. As they drive, the car stays motionless in the tree. They are both concerned about the wellbeing of the passengers inside the car. Upon nearing the tree, they stop the car and climbing out, they approach the tree cautiously, lest the hanging car comes crashing down on them.

The next moment brings to them something they never imagined in their wildest fancy and that will live etched in their memories for all time to come: the car disintegrates and changes form to a huge vulture and takes off and vanishes into the distant sky.

Sheila’s look is one of suspicious amusement at Sam and Tony’s excited recital of their strange encounter. She is known to be a tough cop and Sam, trusted her the most at this time to approach with his and Tony’s eventful journey. “So you both say that you saw a car
that probably became a booth and a fountain simultaneously and then again became a car, one that hung in a tree, before changing into a vulture and flying off? What makes you both so sure it was the same object changing form? Sure, it is hard to believe you both hallucinated at the same time. Could it be that the “car” was a UFO or some such thing trying to camouflage? Maybe, they’ve acquired the technology to change form at will. I’m aware there’ve been a few bizarre sightings in the past one week and people have reported objects changing form. These ‘creatures’ are reported to possess supernatural powers and can move at unusually high speeds and perform dazzling metamorphoses that we are unable to explain based on known technologies.”

I saw a news flash that said a spacecraft that had lost contact with its Earth-base. Everyone
had given up hopes of rescuing the astronauts and were preparing for the worst. Today morning, the base got an excited call from the station that the damage to their ship had been ‘miraculously’ restored by ‘beings’ or ‘apparitions’ that arrived from Earth, fixed the ship and went back toward the Earth again without making any attempt to contact the astronauts inside the ship. The astronauts also reported that whoever it was that helped them, changed form constantly and did not appear to need any element to survive on, since none of the beings had any oxygen supplies connected to them.

“Then there was the story of the dreaded terrorists who were planning to murder scores of
people at a place of worship. They had laid siege and were threatening to storm the place. Police had surrounded the place but were helpless onlookers as the drama unfolded. Just when the terrorists launched their attack, miracles started happening: the bullets turned into flowers and caressed the bodies of their victims; the terrorists entered a state of trance and emerged dazzled and shaken up after a few minutes. It was a dramatic scene with hardened terrorists sobbing uncontrollably like babies, and hugging the very people they had come to kill. When asked, their leader said for a few minutes he had felt completely united with all around him, including living and non-living forms. He could clearly see his basic one-ness with all creation, including his victims. He has vowed to travel and to spread the word of peace and unity, if he is not executed for his past crimes.”

“This is incredible!! I am amazed how someone could materialize near a space ship and
back down without any technology or equipment! How did they know the ship was in trouble?” Sheila was surprised to find herself in a state of deep bewilderment despite all these years spent unraveling some strange cases.

Tony seemed to have accepted these occurrences as most natural, as if he almost expected
them as a part of the usual course of life. He only seemed curious to find out the way the process worked. “What interests me is that there have been many reports of people being helped / aided by such forms and all these have been performed from a distance. No close contact yet, as if a deliberate plan to keep up the mystery is operating here. Also, no single instance of any harm being caused or intended by all these sightings”

Tony reminded her of something that occupied her consciousness currently. “How do you
explain those 2 guys that you encountered the other day?” The events of 2 days back came rushing into her memory as if she was reliving the entire experience once again.

She was leading a team working on a case of abduction of a 2-year old. The kidnapping had shaken the entire town and she appeared to be on track finally with clues about the place the baby was held captive. It was an apartment in the heart of town and when she reached the area, she had lost her sense of direction. Unexpectedly, two men in overcoats had appeared and had pointed towards a street to her in whom she was able to locate the house with the baby and complete the rescue.

She had entered to find the house unoccupied with no trace of the abductors. At that time, her preoccupation was to ensure the baby was safe and returned to his parents at the earliest. In retrospect, she had wondered how the toy clock on a wall in the form of a teddy bear had swung and it appeared the bear had danced as if to rejoice!

The memory of the two men now came rushing to her for their strange appearance – something she had only half-registered at the time. They were both wearing hats and she did not have a clear memory of their facial expressions: something that her training and the years spent on the force had made second nature to look for. She thought there was a strange look to the two faces and wondered the possibility of a connection between this event and the ones Tony and Sam experienced.

“Let’s call it a day, guys. Sleep over it and let us hope someone solves this soon enough, if
not us.” Sheila shut her office closed behind her, though thoughts of the strange reports lingered on for long. Until now, it was distant news and now, she had firsthand accounts from people she knew well and whose judgements she trusted.

Ranikhet, the foothills of the Himalayas, India:

Mahira is sitting under a neem tree with an eager gathering around him, awaiting him to come out of his ‘samadhi’ state and to commence his weekly discourse. Mahira is a popular ‘seer’ in this small town of tourist attraction for its natural beauty (add some more specific details on Ranikhet here). His fame has spread to nearby districts on account of the healings he has rendered from ‘fatal, incurable’ diseases. He believes and teaches there are no incurable diseases, and we create each experience for ourselves, something that is hard to grasp for both the village folk as well as the small urban following (a majority of them, sophisticated city folk) that Mahira now has after he cured the District Collector’s young daughter of cancer. Nobody argues with him because of his proven results and not because of his recalcitrant demeanour.

Many of his followers claim Mahira’s age to be over 300 years and cite passed on family stories from generations gone by in support of their claims. Mahira only answers mysteriously when prodded : “We are all the same ‘age’ because the common soul that embodies us and dwells in us was created at the same instant” He is also said to possess clairvoyance and the locals turn to him on matters of import. For the farmers, Mahira’s word is more meaningful that the predictions given by the officials from the local office of the met department. Villagers had often seen spiritual masters from the Himalayan ranges descend to hold nightlong discussions with Mahira, not that this was necessary at all for he often communicated through thoughts with those attuned into Divinity. Most folks saw Mahira as a fully realized master who had long ago discarded his ego-identity and lived fully awake in the Infinite Intelligence at all times.

Mahira has been ecstatic and uncharacteristically animated since the past 2 weeks, speaking to all that care to listen of His plan to bring about a radical shift in evolution on this planet. He says the changes have already started occurring and even his most ardent followers find this difficult to accept. Mahira explains patiently: God has ‘always lived’ in each square inch of ‘space’ as we know these concepts. In fact, he says this has been so since eternity, even before the Big Bang. Mahira has a lot to say on the subject of the Big Bang itself, and he seems to take delight in provoking people to examine their dogmas and to shake their beliefs, such as: “what about the vast infinitude of space that surrounded the Big Bang explosion – did other Big Bangs occur there or did God adopt alternate routes of evolution for the other Universes? And what about the eternity before the moment of the Big Bang? If space and time did not exist before the Big Bang, then how could ‘something’ be created out of ‘nothing’?” He appears to be on his way to unraveling some of these questions and says he has already had the privilege of visiting some of the other Universes in his quest to receive the answers to some of these questions that possess him. He claims his ‘visits’ are without his physical form ever leaving this planet and that highly evolved beings (not just of this planet) help him to evolve further on his path. He says he causes this when he unites completely with The Omnipresent. Infact, Mahira keeps repeating that all that he claims or demonstrates is very much possible for each being on this planet.

Though a large majority of his followers do not comprehend Mahira’s explanations on the laws operating in the Physical world and the origins of the Cosmos, they have an intrinsic faith in his ability to contact the Omnipresent at will and are drawn as if by an invisible magnet to Mahira’s teachings.

Mahira’s fame spread rapidly when he caused rains to visit just in time to avoid a severe drought and certain starvation. Until then, the villagers had viewed him as a quaint oddity, though many of them had provided regularly for his scant requirements. Once when Mahira had chosen to fast for over 2 months, many had pleaded with him to break the fast fearing his death. Mahira had eaten to ease their distress though his lean frame indicated no signs of starvation.

“The Infinite Intelligence desires to know and express Itself, the Knower and the Creator of ALL seeks to look within and upon Itself. It seeks to know Itself more and more and hence it devised its plan for evolution in the context of some of the planets that occupy our Universe and the other Universes. Gradually, the Creator invested more and more of Itself in Its creation and so, more and more complex forms Emerged until the zenith of evolution for this planet was attained after a long (long for us in human terms, Mahira explains. For the Creator, it is a single moment and we with our limited perception feel the flow of time. He explains that we are flowing through life in one everlasting moment of now ness) time of approx. 4 billion years when He finally evolved humans by endowing them with the highest consciousness aided by a ‘free will’. The original plan of bestowing such unprecedented level of intelligence was to decentralize the Creator’s self-expression by creating ‘localised’ independent thinking beings. The innermost desire of seeking out Ultimate Reality would gradually lead such beings to achieve Self-realization, which means evolving to a level where they feel, sense and experience their intrinsic oneness with all creation and with The Creator.

It all went very well initially and the species exhibited its raison d’etre as per His plan and His Will. That explains the superlative achievements of the ancient civilizations that attained high levels of spirituality along with huge strides in intellectual achievements and material prosperity. Mahira calls this the Era of the Unity of Trinity (of Mind, Body and Soul).

Over time, corruptibility infected the independent thinking beings due to their misinterpretation of free will, and their misalignment with the Creator started to increase. Mahira explains this as a part of the Creator moving out of sync with herself. The basic idea was to work with the Creator to understand Him, Who resides in all humans and all else that can be perceived and not perceived. Infact, one of the reasons the large number of other species of plant and animal life were sustained was to serve as an example of the Highest Good that is possible to be attained when aligned with Him and to demonstrate what is possible for beings endowed by and awake in Consciousness. And yet, both plant lives as well as animal forms are increasingly under threat from the misaligned human species that is intent on pursuing its own agenda of sense-fulfillment - the species He created in His image.

“He has tried several times to align a majority of the human species through various means,
including facilitating the emergence of enlightened beings at different times in different regions. Yet the masses failed to imbibe their true spirit and essence of their teachings. He also let the misdirected run of free will to cause disease, death and destruction - not because He believes in punishment, only because He would never interfere with free will based on his eternal promise of unconditional love. Also, the Physical world was created for the souls (actually, the One Soul manifested in different forms and we thought we were many discrete souls. However, Mahira always emphasized on the essential Oneness of all Creation) to experience the dualities and to choose the Highest in each moment of choice. Also, when some beings were on this path of lowest choices, it served to remind and to awaken the balance which formed the majority to be aware of the illusion of their senses. In a way, the presence of ‘evil’ helps many to choose the ‘good’ though in the eyes of the Creator, there is no good and no evil. This indeed did have an effect – some more souls awakened to the true power and purpose of their being here on this planet and still this number is much less when compared to the vast majority still in a slumber of the senses.

“These are indeed exciting ‘times’ as He has now decided to alter His strategy to reach out to His magnificent children. All those that are in tune with Him already know this. No, there isn’t going to be any Apocalypse Now and He is not going to end this world in a blaze of fire or in lashes of tsunamis (the recent one near the previously spiritually advanced regions was to awaken some more out of their sense-delusions). Not yet, though the birth and death of our Cosmos is a cycle of Nature.

“He now has a different plan. He is not going to make a grand public appearance that has been the weak insistence of those that are not willing to see Him and perceive Him in all that surrounds us. He does choose to appear in a form desired by those that are fully awake in Him and not to the vast majority in any case. Yes, He who is the Infinite Wisdom also evolves, changes, and follows the Laws of Life that He has laid down in all His manifestations.

Ramu is from a neighbouring village and likes to attend Mahira’s weekly public meetings as often as possible. Mahira has mentioned about Ramu having advanced vastly on the past of self-realization. He is particularly excited today at the prospect of perceiving Him in one more way. “So what is this new method going to be like?”

Mahira’s look is as if he is ‘here’ as well as ‘there’ simultaneously. “He has decided to manifest His perception in increasingly open ways so that more and more of the human kind can tune into the Sole Reality, which is our Sole Reality and fulfill that for which we are here in the first place.

“How, Guruji?”

“By imparting Consciousness (the only differentiator between human beings and other creation on this planet) to bees."

“Consciousness to bees??”

“Yes, indeed. And the purpose is Divinely dual – enabling rapid evolution of humans as
well as to provide them the tools to make the Highest choice. This is a quantum leap in evolution on this planet and something we have drawn to ourselves by our own Collective Consciousness to seek the Highest. This explains the stories we hear these days from around the world of people seeing things changing form – these are no hallucinations or illusions, Divine souls. These are your own desires made manifest in the form of evolved souls inhabiting the bodies of bees.”

“Guruji, how many people are aware of this phenomenon?”

“Oh, there are several masters who saw it coming and also actively participated to facilitate this occurrence by channelling the energy of their beings.”

“But why do we not hear this explanation in the media? Different groups are attributing these events to events that suit their school of though. Infact, I saw a programme on a major television channel last evening where a group of eminent scientists were discussing these events and they all were pointing to the possibility of these events being created by anti-matter beings and they even warned people to keep a safe distance from such beings lest they be converted into a blaze of energy.”

“Well, it is not that some of the powerful governments, media and religious organizations do not know the truth. Yet, they are propagating these explanations for the same reasons that institutions have spread and supported myths – to keep the people from discovering their Divine nature, from accessing their Infinite Potential, from experiencing their essential Oneness with other human beings and with all of Creation – whether ‘living’ or ‘non-living’.”

“Swamiji, you must do something. This is a tremendous opportunity for our race and you along with the other masters can do a lot.” Mahira smiled a mysteriously reassuring smile.

“We are all Divine beings. If some of us are trying to portray a different version of the recent events, then a part of our Collective Consciousness has chosen to experience this ‘fiction’ just as it has chosen to draw these events to ourselves in the first place. Yet, the Soul in all beings is one Self and it now longs for a deeper awareness, it longs to be one with the Divine. Be patient and know that the even deeper desire will unfold and the Divine plan shall be revealed to all.”

This did not satisfy all his followers, yet some of the ardent ones like Ramu were certain their master had seen the ‘future’ in this Grand Plan in which each being has contributed – whether they were aware of this or not.

Over the course of the next few days, global events took a decisive turn. Scientists had evidence that the life span of bees had started increasing dramatically (For Mahira, the explanation was simple : with an evolved Consciousness and a sense of participation in the service of the larger collective, the bees desire was now to continue experiencing this evolved state for a ‘longer time’.

Several changes occurred around the planet:

• The depletion of the ozone layer was reversed
• The melting of the polar ice-caps halted
• The breeding rates amongst several species facing extinction shot up dramatically, even the pandas started multiplying rapidly.
• Barren, neglected lands were bursting with vegetation and the forest covers started improving. Experts were surprised to find tree varieties growing in conditions they had previously not thought possible to survive.

All these and many more large-scale positive changes were happening in a short span of a few weeks. And these changes were happening without any significant shift in human activities. Industrial activity continued as usual with factories adding pollutants to the air and water. Concrete jungles were growing still, depleting agricultural and forest lands.

All major television channels were running panel discussions of experts from several walks of life to discuss and explain these welcome dramatic changes. Scientists were baffled and unable to explain these phenomena. Several leading New age personalities appeared in print and on television to claim these events as testimony of the values and attitudes that many of them have been goading humankind to embrace.

Organised religions were explaining these events as ‘God’s miracles’ and so are the spiritual masters – a rare occasion where their views are converging. The spiritual leaders are calling for a decisive shift in awareness, a change of course for our race. They are using this opportunity to create what the human race as a whole desires – a peaceful planet glowing in Divine love. Many respected Masters have been repeating that deep within us, every individual desires an experience of unconditional love and total awareness of our Oneness with all Creation.

“If the Collective Consciousness of aware bees can achieve such magnificent changes for the planet in such a short span of time without influencing the free will of humans in any way, imagine what humans – the highest in the evolution cycle on this planet, are capable of once they all align their free will with that of the Creator.” Mahira is uncharacteristically animated at his discourse today as he portrays the future that he sees possible for his race.

“Are we talking of Utopia here?”

“No, the idea is not to desire perfection or paradise. The idea is simply to realize and live the understanding that we are 3-part beings made of a Soul inhabiting and surrounding the body-form and utilizing the mind as its intellectual tool to create and experience life in its many aspects. The Soul always seeks the Highest expression in its living experience on this plane as these bees have demonstrated. We have been creating experiences that threatened to end life as we know it on this planet. These negative experiences derived from a conditioning of the mind that treated the individual life forms as being discrete and disconnected. Hence, the ‘me-versus-you’ driven competitive postures in all our life’s activities: be it in schools, games, work places, homes or even religious organizations.”

“We are now witnessing an alignment and interdependence amongst life forms that has never before occurred on this planet, though there are other examples of this on other planets. Infact, we have been aided by beings from these other ‘distant’ planets who have felt our deep desires to seek the Highest, and to create a Heaven for all of us.”

“The bees, who have lesser free will to exercise, as their minds are not as developed as the humans, have amply demonstrated that the Soul’s voice is to be heeded if we are to reach where we say we would like to go. Our collective soul has called upon Creation to use the bees to demonstrate this to us in order to awaken us to our possibilities. By simply channeling their positive thought-energy, the bees have manifested monumental changes in our natural environment, and have demonstrated capabilities that we usually associate with beings possessing supernatural powers in our fiction and our spiritual legends. They are an example for each being on this planet to become aware of his or her innate capabilities.

And so it was that humankind began to awaken to its true potential. Within a few centuries, the planet has changed more than anyone ever imagined. Mother Earth now rejoices for her children have reached the zenith in their existence on this planet. Fantastic changes occurred for the race. All activity on the planet was now centred on love – every action flowed from love, everyone embraced love and lived in constant contact with their true inner self. This had extraordinary results in every area of life on the planet. The planet is now healing itself and the threats of global warming and extinctions of plant and animal life forms has halted. This progress in planetary healing has been accompanied by continuous strides in technologies. The difference is that now the pursuit of new technologies and comforts is derived from a sense of collective responsibility for the whole planet and for the generations yet to be born, rather than driven by narrow individualistic concerns of the past that were threatening the destruction of the entire race. The lifespan of humans zoomed to previously unheard of levels, and continue to rise – do not be surprised to run into a 250 year-old around the corner. The global population is stabilizing and the distribution of human population is even across the planet due to abolishing of borders between and within nations. The United Nations has established one World government and each member country has an equal say in all matters. Businesses have reorganized their objectives from profit-maximisation or sales-maximisation to service-maximisation. Except for their conscious choice, there is no hungry human on this planet today. The feeling of goodwill and unity pervades all. Wealth is distributed according to requirements while allowing full scope for individuals to accumulate as much as they desire. Schooling systems have been totally overhauled – teaching is based now on the principles of experiencing one-ness rather than on cultivating individualism by grading children. The previous emphasis on teaching facts has been replaced with allowing each child’s uniqueness to express itself and find its calling in life. And yes, money has been abolished!!! Life on this planet is truly a paradise now. Infact, beings from other planets have been emboldened and have established regular contact with humans. Some have become residents of this planet in their desire to celebrate the achievements that they had helped mould. They had avoided direct, physical contact except with a few evolved humans and had attempted evolution of the race through such people.

Mahira is still around and travels far and wide to experience and to celebrate the love that resonates this planet. He sees scope for enormous further evolution before our species attains the Divine heights compared to societies of other beings in the Universe. As for the Con (scious) bees, they now occupy a sacred place in Earth history that will be enshrined for generations to come.

The End

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