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by RachelSparrow 

Posted: 12 August 2005
Word Count: 87

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People like me aren’t meant to be kept in cages
People like me are meant to fly,
Don’t want to be ruled by regulations,
I’m happy living up in the sky

Try to pull me back down with textbooks,
When I’m flying with Tolkien and Dahl,
Shout at me to stop daydreaming,
Trying to make me feel small,

Surely you want me to be happy?
You haven’t seen me smile in ages,
It’s because of your rules and regulations,
We’re not meant to be kept in cages

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Comments by other Members

Plagious at 17:10 on 25 September 2005  Report this post
Hi Rachel

A simple, but purely expressed piece.

Nicely written. Hold on to your dreams!


Brian Aird at 18:57 on 14 October 2005  Report this post
I like this piece
It's dead honest
Exams, text books, lectures - its a wonder any of us get though it all with any space left to ourselves

look forward to reading more


paul53 [for I am he] at 09:18 on 15 October 2005  Report this post
Because I catch up on things on this site by having a quick flick through [3 groups and Archive] I missed this. In fact, the only reason I spotted it at all was from Brian leaving a comment, as being a relist it didn't make its way to the top of the list.
Very good sentiment here. The only way to hold something precious is with an open hand.

ccatherine at 14:42 on 15 October 2005  Report this post
Hi Rachel

I like this; it seems to capture the way learning can cloud creativity. Too many rules and the creative mind is bogged down - as Brian puts it there's no space for anything else.

I used to write submissions for education ministers and I remember how my boss would take out all emotion and completely re-write everything because she solidly followed the rules: everything should be written in plain English, be concise and fact based - there was no room for conjecture. This was fine, except that my job required 'blue skies thinking' as we were looking at alternative approaches to funding and encouraging prospective learners. Hold onto your dreams and stay "happy living in the sky."


Laura Hunt at 21:57 on 19 October 2005  Report this post
Hi Rachel, i missed this, too.
I think it would make a great lyric - could you link it to chords?


Epona Love at 16:27 on 23 October 2005  Report this post
Definately a strong expression of being caged... we all live in the world, but need to have the freedom to be ourselves... otherwise how can we fulfill our potential?

If so much of our energy is put into pushing against a percieved cage... how much energy is left to put into becomeing 'me'?

keep on writing.
Emma x.

Clairebear at 06:11 on 03 November 2005  Report this post
This is really good. It's true that in one way or another we all seem to be forced to live in cages.
Keep struggling to spread your wings and fly to the places you want to go.
And definitely keep writing.

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