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The Acension of a Child

by Dark One 

Posted: 23 July 2003
Word Count: 181
Summary: Feedback please

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The Ascension of a Child

Time to pack up your toys,
Throw away your games,
To believe fact over fantasy,
Forget your wonder and imagination,
Switch on the autopilot,
You’re no longer required to think

Time to not be innocent,
Let the power corrupt,
And ambition rule your heart,
Forget you’re friendly and warm
Switch on the ice cooler,
You’re no longer required to feel

Time to close the door,
No need to explore,
Shut your mind to the light,
Forget your voice and opinion
Switch off the megaphone
You’re no longer required to speak

Time to judge the masses,
And execute the sinners,
Stop listening to their pleas,
Forget you’re merciful and kind
Switch off the amplifier
You’re no longer required to hear

Time to close your eyes
Make yourself blind
Stop seeing the suffering
Forget you’re giving and selfless
Switch on the shutters
You’re no longer required to see

Time to fall in with the crowd,
Cast the first stone,
Stop being an individual
Forget your persona and face
Switch on the photocopier
You’re no longer required to be

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Comments by other Members

Richard Brown at 16:27 on 28 October 2003  Report this post
A damning indictment of modern life! I got a sense of deep despair about the human condition. I agree that many of the qualities which innocent children possess would be part of an ideal world but I think we'd need to have established such a world before we could risk depriving growing children of their armour against life's slings and arrows. I suppose it's something of a vicious circle. Maybe the circle can be broken only by stealth.

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