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Wednesday Morning

by Tarbra 

Posted: 09 November 2005
Word Count: 334
Summary: This is a thought piece due to a nightmare I had last night.

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Wednesday morning
09/11/2005 12:24:16
©By Linda Corby

Waking up this morning
Nightmare fresh within my head
Still falling in a truck
Towards the sea from a cliff edge

If it wasn’t for my cat
Who had jumped upon my head?
Would I have hit the bottom?
Only now to be dead

My nightmares can be vivid
Slow motion or very fast
In black and white or colour
Always filling me with dread

Since my near death experience
I have had too many of them
Sometimes they become a reality
For someone the next day or way ahead

I had one some years ago
That was really vile
I saw myself killing someone
A woman with red hair

It was gross all the blood and gore
Then it got even worse
As I buried her in a woodland grave
Covering the spot with leaves, and I ran away

This nightmare was so real within my mind
I felt as if I had really committed this crime
The nightmare kept repeating time after time
So much so that I almost expected the police to arrive

With the nightmare still repeating
I went out upon a horse
Going through the woodland
My horse stopped dead by the grave

By this time there was a police search
For a couple who’d gone missing
During a great storm
I told the police where the bodies where

The police did not listen
They had a medium in from afar
Who took them to the wrong spot?
So my nightmares still went on

It turned out two boys had killed their parents
Eventually the bodies were discovered
Guess what you’ve got it
Exactly where I said they where

Now my nightmares started
Before the night that they were killed
They didn’t stop until they’d been found
Yes the mother had red hair

Now you will understand
Why my nightmares fill me with fear
I haven’t turned on the TV or the radio
As I dread finding my nightmare is for real.

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