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by The Walrus 

Posted: 29 November 2005
Word Count: 62

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“I think, therefore I am”
Just how wrong did he get it?
One statement …
which fundamentally misled.

Thinking: the affliction -
the disease of modern man -
thinking about the past
things said and done….
the useless wishing.

Thinking about the future
‘when I get there‘…
wholly diminishing
the one true reality of now.

I could rewrite this quote:
“I am."

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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 20:11 on 29 November 2005  Report this post
Red, a truly good poem.
One that is heartfelt and also revengefull.
You put the power of words to make sense.
Well done.

xx red mum

joanie at 20:26 on 29 November 2005  Report this post
Hi Christina. I love the sentiments in this; 'The precious present' is something which we always fail to recognise. I wonder whether it might be even more powerful if you ommitted
I could rewrite this quote:
“I think, therefore I am a fool”
But I prefer simply

and end on 'I am' or 'Quite simply, I am'

One to make you think! I enjoyed it.


The Walrus at 19:36 on 30 November 2005  Report this post
Red Mum, Joanie, many thanks for your comments. Appreciated, particularly since I have been absent from WW for so long - travelling with work - am hoping to be more participative - albeit intermittently.

Joanie, you are of course right. I have amended accordingly. Thanks.


o11ie at 22:35 on 02 August 2006  Report this post
I like this poem

Thinking: the affliction -
the disease of modern man -

very nice. Wish I could stop doing it, lovly poem.

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