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A Suitable Case For Treatment

by chelitaannal 

Posted: 11 December 2005
Word Count: 1503
Summary: This is a treatment I wrote for a possible film idea.

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Scene 1

It is a hot day as Chesna sits in her bedroom at her grandparent’s house looking out of the window. The scenery and sound are completely new and she is taking the time to take in the wonder of all the new things she is seeing. Flying twelve thousand miles to this country she realises she is leaving the only friends she knows behind to start a new life. Outside the birds are tweeting and children are running around happily playing blissfully unaware of her torment. Chesna Knows that leaving Australia is necessary yet still she looks wistfully outside the window as her eyes see her peers. As she thinks Chesna is remembering her life’s events and how friends mean everything to her. She is looking sad as she recalls her friends and realises her departing is necessary. Chesna knows that her tormenting has to end sometime and sees her departure as achieving this. Longings fill her heart as she ponders on whether she will make a friend or two yet Chesna knows her limitations and wonders if it will be possible. She is hoping so. Recalling what she has come from is painful. She vividly cites her daily routine with terror and as it comes into her mind she shudders. Chesna is acutely aware of how fragile and sensitive she really is. Aware of this, she knows that one day this WILL get her in trouble. It is inevitable. After all, she thinks, she is an orphan who is trying to find her way. She feels that way because she doesn’t know where she belongs. Her point of view is thus; she is an orphan because she is separated from the ‘normal’ family structure. She is an orphan because she is separated from her friends and now has to make new ones. Also, she is an orphan because she is in a different location.

Scene 2

Chesna is outside her grandparent’s house looking on at the children playing. Standing there in the hot sun she is nervously trying to get up the courage to ask the play with them. Fear gets the better of her and she decides against it. She goes for a short walk.

Scene 3

Around the corner Chesna notices one girl on her own and decides to talk to her, this doesn’t feel as intimidating as her first choice.

Scene 4

Nervously, she approaches the young girl. At this time Chesna is so nervous that she feels like everyone can hear her heartbeat. ‘Thud, thud, and thud’ it goes in the rhythm of a heartbeat. She starts to sweat and with every step she takes time slows down.

Scene 5

It feels like it is taking forever but finally Chesna reaches the young female and introduces herself as Chesna Victoria Johnson. The young person introduces herself as Edana Jane Phillips. Chesna says she is Australian and is pleasantly surprised when Edana says that she knows.
Edana explains that she has a friend who is called Alice. She is also Australian.

Scene 6

The relationship develops and Chesna decides to go to the same school as Edana. Two months on however, Chesna leaves the school and goes to another school as the work is so different from the work she is used to in Australia that she falls behind.

Scene 7

Edana and Chesna meet up in secondary school. It is three years later and neither one of them has any knowledge that the other will be there. They resume their relationship and over time Chesna feels that her life is getting better.

Scene 8

In 1992 Chesna and Edana leave school and though each is going to separate places to study they remain in contact with each other and each week go out together.

Scene 9

Time progresses as normal and in 1993 Edana joins dateline to find herself a partner. She goes out with several people and is close to one person particularly. Chesna is introduced to him.

Scene 10

It is two weeks later and Chesna receives a letter from Edana saying she never wants to see her again. The letter states Edana and her boyfriend have split up because he prefers Chesna to Edana.

Scene 11

An hour later it is no longer an issue as Edana turns up at Chesna’s house to have a chat. At first Chesna is worried but because Edana’s letter states she feels it is her fault. However, they have a chat and Edana says she will no longer consider it an issue.

Scene 12

Chesna and Edana resume their relationship and over the course of the next four years they go out together, meet at each others houses, and Edana meets a young man who she marries. During this time Chesna’s life is a bit different. By comparison to Edana Chesna feels unhappy. To her Edana seems to have everything. From good looks to rich parents, to a husband, Edana has it. As Chesna sits reflecting on her life she thinks about her home life, leaving home at sixteen, her working class family, and her wanderings from one relationship to another. In her opinion she is the proletariat and Edana is the bourgeoisie. However, by the time of Edana’s wedding Chesna’s life is looking up and she has a boyfriend.

Scene 13

A year passes and Chesna feels ecstatic. It’s been a tough year but she now has a money (which she got as compensation for her car accident injury- see character bible), a house, and, her boyfriend is now her fiancé.

Scene 14

Six months passes. Edana and her husband run into financial problems. Chesna offers advice where she can. Things appear to chug along as normal with Chesna seeing and going out with Edana regularly.

Scene 15

A year and a half later Chesna marries. She has Edana as one of her bridesmaids and marries in a church with one hundred guests.

Scene 16

Edana announces that she is pregnant and on New Years Day gives birth to a little baby girl who she names Chloe.

Scene 17

Chesna carries on going round to Edana’s house but becomes increasingly concerned with her behaviour. Chesna notices that Edana always seems to conveniently run out of money whenever they go out to buy baby food. She also notices that Edana seems to take a particularly long time to dress when she knows she is seeing Chesna’s husband.

CENTRAL QUESTION: Will Chesna be able to find out whether Edana’s heart lies in money or friendship, keep the friendship, learn to stick up for herself, and keep her husband?


Scene 18

YES/NO’S - YES #1 Chesna lends Edana some money and Edana promises to pay it back by
an agreed date. Chesna then goes round to Edana’s house at the
arranged time and finds she has about five thousand pounds worth of
electronic equipment. She challenges her about it and is told by Edana
that her and her husband no longer have the money.

Scene 19

YES/NO’S - YES #2 Edana promises to get the money to her soon. Though Chesna doesn’t
believe her she accepts it and drops the subject.

Scene 20

YES/NO’S - NO #3 Chesna speaks to her husband Justin to decide what to do. He advises
Her to leave it for now. As she sits there she ponders the situation.
Reviewing her options.


Scene 21

YES/NO’S - YES #1 It’s six months on and Chesna receives a call from Edana asking for
Two hundred pounds.

Scene 22

YES/NO’S - YES #2 Chesna chats to her husband. She wants It is at this point Justin tells
Tells her that Edana tried to seduce him. Chesna in some strange way
Wants to keep the friendship, as she perceives it but realises that
Something needs to be done.


Scene 23

YES/NO’S - YES #3 When Chesna says no Edana breaks down in tears. Chesna agrees to
To lend her one hundred pounds but states that she has a family to
Support and at this rate the money will not last forever. She keeps
Quiet about the conversation she is having with Justin.

Scene 24

YES/NO’S - YES #3 Edana retorts with snideness bringing up all her faults and all the
Chesna has ever said in confidence to her. She more or less demands
That Chesna chooses between her and Justin.

Scene 25

Yes/NO’S - YES #4 Later that night Justin assures Chesna that he loves her and that he
Isn’t going to go off with anyone else. Where is the sense in that?


Scene 26

YES/NO’S - NO #2 As Chesna sits there she realises that she has to make a choice
Between Edana and Justin.

Scene 27

YES/NO’S - NO #2 Chesna makes her choice.

Scene 28

YES/NO’S - YES #4 She chooses Justin.

Scene 29

YES/NO’S - NO #2 Edana states she never wants to see her again and they go their
Separate ways.

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