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by WC Minor 

Posted: 25 March 2003
Word Count: 192
Summary: Feedback will be highly appreciated. This is my first poem. Thanks.

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I used to be a man of many keys
Too many to fit in just one pocket.
I must look out that not a single one is ever lost.

When I walked around with all my keys
My pants would fall down to my knee,
My stride got slow and heavy.
There was a key rattle all around me
That scared the birds and
Turned my friends my enemy.

I was chained to a key chain
My love did not complain,
but she could not hug me
The keys in my pockets caused her pain.

One day I had to add a key to my collection
So I can open just another door
But when I got to that location
I was confused which key to use.

I stood there for some time,
Trying one key after another.
But there were too many to try them all,
and I had to run, to open yet another door.
I got frustrated, I got disturbed,
This one last key I could not use.
I threw the bundle on the floor,
And ran away from that last door.

I am now a man of just few keys
My pants stay on, my stride is light.
I know which key will fit which door
I know which door I wish to explore.

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Comments by other Members

Jibunnessa at 21:26 on 25 March 2003  Report this post
Hey Amir,

What great fun! I really loved reading this poem. And also the gentle, merry use of rhyme and repitition (of words to rhyme with) you employ here to create your comic imagery. Write some more.

...and keep smiling!

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