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Candied words and other laments

by Dele Campbell 

Posted: 01 June 2006
Word Count: 611
Summary: these words; Who are they, these unwelcome guests Sneaking past the censor at the whiff of a party and too much rum Or the hint of a spliff, then they come who are they, these crooks these vagabonds Loitering with bad intent in the secret palaces The passages of my heart Waiting by the portal gates to sneak out and have fun

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After Dinner

She took the glass and pressed it
cool against her cheek she sniffed it
like a cat she licked the rim
Licked off
the waxy imprint of his lips
Slipped slopping on the edge of reason she
Couldn’t taste him, even though
His lips had sipped iced water
Not quite three hours before
But she could see him clearly now
Poised strong and brave
Parched lips and shooting wary glances
So hungry for kisses
Poised hands waiting for sex
Heart cleft in two but mending
Sending her their message
Not yet, not yet, I am not ready yet

flying tonight

The boy is flying high tonight
I do wish he wouldn’t do coke
It makes him mad as a whirling kite
His brains all up in smoke

I am your God, he said to me

Alright, I answered, I agree,
But can you make me taller please
And may I win the lottery

He had no words so slunk away
All that creating in one day
Had made him feel much smaller made
Him more tired than words could say
So sulking on his bed he lay
Red eyed and drooling
What a way
For my sweet son to spend his day
With this incessant fooling

This powder fries my heart, my brain
I wish he wouldn’t do cocaine
Just be my sweet sweet son again
And get back to his schooling

Wedding plans

Fading charms, stilled wonderment
Empty hearts still beating
Dreams will be so fleeting
Filled with life
And you
Sadness looming round us
loneliness ahead
Soon I’ll wish you dead
My bitter bride

Our Father

The whispering, the mumbling
The moaning and the pleas
Wood smoke wisping heavenwards
Drifting to His ears
The rent, a new car, better health
More money, better children
Safety and our daily grace
And bread upon the table

So I shall ask for what I want
For Him to come down to me
And put me on his knee at night
And have a bedtime story
Allowed at last to suck my thumb
A late night mug of latte
Allowed to doze against his chest
And dwell
In the Bosom of the Lord

Cutting Edge

How did you think I wouldn’t know
I am lurking in your mind
I feel your soul and as you press
between her thighs I hear your cries
I feel smell taste you slick with sweat
And see her writhe and slide her breath
Breaks up against
That rock of pleasure pain all left behind
And so I grasp this blade to slice quite hard
So deep I plunge and feel its sweep
Its sweet release
I truly do not mind

Candied words

They fall straight to me
Buttery and smooth, heavy molten nuggets
At which I snatch
And those I catch I place under my tongue
Absorb their salty sweetness
Taste the words to come
The ones I miss they fall straight through
And roll out of my aura
Where without my tender care
they suddenly explode
in tiny whorls, right there

sweet lies

Truth lies in a prison that has no walls
Waiting lonely, just for you
An apricot shimmer on the floor
Under a crown of saffron glimmer
He waits looking at the door

Pale and silent, lonely bee
Behind a window pain he
Is the holy grail
And waits beneath an orange veil
Cocooned in soft warm down
That hides his scales and hides his tail

Truth waits to grab you by the balls
Swing you round and break you, make
You see his
Truth he waits for you and longs for me
He bites, he stings
Truth sets you free

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