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Where the fish swim and water snakes

by Otter 

Posted: 03 July 2006
Word Count: 307
Summary: short section from a longer piece

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Where the fish swim and water snakes, where rivers run and wash the mountains silt upon the shore, there one day the star man came descending from a ship that sails the ocean Sky. The purple man was dreaming as before. From far away where people live in light, from where there is no hunger, fear or pain, where none deceive because there is no gain, where power is within and all are free, Wayland came.
Sitting by the river in the mud his fingers sinking into rich red clay he saw this world so full of music and in love, he sought the matrix seeds that dormant lay. Weaving the matrix then this Wayland made a pair of people from the clay and calling to the green fire of life, he gave them this garden free, to care for and in which to learn and play.
The purple man, who on his misty pillow lay said to Wayland then,
“Will you not stay?” The star man answered,
“I have so far to go and there is so much I want to see, you stay here awhile and tell them this: they are the keepers now, and you can teach them all that they must know. Say to them and get it right, ‘you are the children of the light, travel where you will; you are not bound here by the clay. In all who say, “I am“ there is the life, and all who live are one. In truth, this moment does not pass away.’ I will return to visit you one day.”
Purple light shines green around the gate and all pass to and fro. There were the flying elephants of old, bright butterfly wings and iridescent scales, and fire within they blew and rose to mate high in the careless foamy waves of space.

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Comments by other Members

MarkT at 16:00 on 21 July 2006  Report this post
This is very good.

I had to read several times to get the sentence structure right in my head but I like it a lot.

Well done :)


di2 at 23:44 on 19 April 2007  Report this post
Wow! This piece is beautiful. I read it aloud and the words sounded so lyrical. I thought it would be nice to hear you read it aloud as I couldn't quite get the rythmn right. It would make a beautiful painting or an animated artwork.

Best wishes for your writing,

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