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Insipid book

by Turgid Prose 

Posted: 25 November 2006
Word Count: 207
Summary: See synopsis.

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“Pens, Papers and Lovers”

Melanie Ledwith

I hope that this book will appeal to women of all ages. The nature of the story is sometimes disturbing and sometimes interesting. It explores the human psyche, the nature of woman, the way in which a woman thinks and the consequences of an emotionally immature woman who is forced to grow up quickly. Touching on feminism and approaching areas of femininity and sexuality the book follows the journey of Anna, an emotionally naïve and narcissistic student at Oxford University, and her obsession with her teacher. The insipid title of the book compliments Anna’s character, as the book is narrated partly by Anna herself and partly though the author. As the story unfolds the distance between Anna’s narration and the author’s increases and the lines between Anna’s sanity and insanity become blurred, culminating in an unimaginable crisis.

This coming of age saga is deeply moving, funny at times and sinister. I feel that we can all relate to the circumstances that unfold throughout the story, though perhaps not to the same extent as Anna, who may or may not be insane. The reader may judge for themselves the sanity of the principle character, which comes into question throughout the book.

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