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...A place in my heart...

by LiverbirdLou 

Posted: 21 September 2003
Word Count: 389

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There's a place deep inside my heat where I hold the things that matter
its the only part of my heart that when the rest gets broken this part won't shatter
God made my heart soft but induring and strong
so that as long as I shall live my love will beat on and on
This is the place where I hold the things I will always love
my friends my family and all the best that this life is made of
here I keep all my dreams my hopes and my prayers for a brighter day
and its here that I shelter the heart warming things that you kindly say
I store our memories of our nights under the summer's skies
where the stars seem to shine only for our gazing eyes
my heart may have been broken in the past but it has grown to heal
to allow in my friends and there love that God wants me to feel
you've won the key to the place deep inside my heart to open when ever you may
and add to the collection of memories that I've placed here to stay
you have already won my heart but this special place I gave you
to fill it with your sweetness and all the loving things you do
everyone has a place inside there heart to put those things they care for
and every once and awhile they shut themselves up and try to lock there door
but for me you came into my life and showed me your key
and showed my heart how to love again, and how to set it free
you opened my locked door and removed its rusted chains
and washed out my sorrow and freed my heart of its long lasting pain
Love is what makes up the best of what I have in me
all of it that I hold in my heart which is open for only your eyes to see
my life my friendship and my love I'm more than willing to share
and I'll go beyond words to show you that I truly do care
the love in my heart I use when things get rough to help see my though
and my most special love I have in my heart is the love that I feel for you...

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