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resurrection (poppy`s petals)

by cariad 

Posted: 18 April 2007
Word Count: 100
Summary: poppynov11 my alter-ego my birthday & nickname i have poppies all over my room this poem is for dad & grandad who are resting in peace

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scarlet petals drift in the wind
they fall and drop to the ground
no sound as they land
another flower blows away
only to return

the seeds are resurrected
as they meet with the soil
undisturbed in their purity
with their memories

is their time over?

but next year
with surity these poppies will be back
to bloom for those long remembered
their velvet petals
will return


(i keep losing the end of this so i may have sent it several times now lol!)
will return

to bloom for those long remembered
their velvet petals
will return


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Comments by other Members

Epona Love at 17:39 on 11 May 2007  Report this post

Loved this and transformation.. the end of which didn't make sense until reading this, realising poppy is you, so wonderful poem of growth and change, and this poem is very touching, and well written. beautiful.

Emma x

Beanie Baby at 21:08 on 16 May 2007  Report this post
This is very sweet Gilly. I love the simile between poppies and resurrection and the whole poem
brought to me a very soothing image of petals drifting in the breeze.

Simabuka at 09:13 on 27 May 2007  Report this post
For me this conjured up two main images - one is the natural reference to world wars (and the world war poets) and death and remeemberance... and then the other more poignent one was how I personnally mark my time on this earth by the sudden appearance of the poppies each summer (are they early this year) and i think this captures the element of birth, death and regeneration more significantly than simply rememberance. because as i mark my time, I also crave to have a picture of my two children at that tender age - in a poppy field.

Wonderful poem - it allows you to take from it what you want to.

Brian (simabuka)

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