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The Office

by DennisJ 

Posted: 04 June 2007
Word Count: 375
Summary: Just lots of tit bit stories I have from my life in the 'office'

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I saw him this morning , I turned the corner from the coffee room simultaneously he entered the office , we exchanged glance's from maybe twenty paces sort of a blank stare between colleagues.

I've worked with him six years , six years with this boring nothing of a person . The reason he seems to grate me so is that each time I look at him a little of me dies. I think to myself "if he is nothing and yet he is a peer then what does that say about me" , I'm underachieving and it hurts.

He approaches with his dopey euro trash , grease bucket hair style and his over exposure to the core radioactive red top. My god I actually detest this person, he's never been rude , never raised his voice in my direction , never even pretended not to see me as I ran for an elevator but this guy.. god damit he's a waste of my thought process. Its not that I hate him because I don't but he's my polar opposite , show him a thousand colours and he will only ever see shades of grey.

He tries to play the corporate game but he's no good at it , who names their child after their boss (whose got a strange name to begin with) and pretends like its an accident , if your going to be blatant at least admit it. We used to cover the same body of work but he couldn't share , he tried to do everything like a teachers pet on some sort of heroin induced 'please the boss fest' , nothing was too much but only as long as he was the centre of the world , empower no one share nothing ...then his heart gave out.

He's 36 , he's back at his desk and he's true to form , in a way I admire that ability to disregard every flashing neon sign telling him to relax , to slow down but he'll never get it. He's compensating by working this hard for not having the ability to achieve the same with less , the higher we go the higher the toll. no way he makes fifty from here

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