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Tyrants - for the Maths Flash challenge

by rebecca 

Posted: 04 March 2008
Word Count: 320

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She knew the task before her. She stood back and looked at the array of containers. It was not enough that they appeared to be equal, her standards had to be exacting and she had to work with the utmost accuracy in her measurements. She sighed and started.

She bent over the transparent containers and carefully poured the liquid to within a millilitre it was of vital importance that there were no errors. Even the tiniest could send the whole operation into total chaos, she knew from bitter experience. She accidentally added slightly more to the third one. There was no point trying to subtract any, it always proved too difficult so she threw it into the large sink with exasperation. She refilled it, taking more care this time.

Once she was satisfied with the liquid she turned and started to divide the large pile. She worked with precision and counted each uneven shape out into the rectangular containers. There were a couple left over which she disposed of quickly. She stood back and held her breath as the noisy group entered the room and approached her. She knew that everything hinged on this inspection and she smiled when they looked at her.

They quietened in order to scrutinise each item. They turned each one and moved closer to enable a superior examination, they compared each container side by side and held a couple up to the light. One of them started to count, to check there were no inconsistencies. After what seemed like an eternity they all nodded in agreement and took their respective drinks and raisins into the garden.

How had it come to this? How had these tiny people become such tyrants? She just could not be bothered to go through the tantrums if there was even the minutest of differences. She sighed again, wiped down the worktop and turned to the mound of washing up.

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Comments by other Members

tusker at 13:24 on 04 March 2008  Report this post
Loved it. Brings back a few memories of dividing equally to each.

V`yonne at 13:28 on 04 March 2008  Report this post
Very nice Rebecca Kiddy precision to a T. You had me fooled. I thought student expt, teacher - inpection, but not busy little mum - after school treat. Neat handling of a really difficult challenge. Well done.

Forbes at 13:38 on 04 March 2008  Report this post
I loved it! They are just that - tyrants. And they never change it seems!



rebecca at 17:50 on 04 March 2008  Report this post

Thanks guys! And as a totally non-mathematical person it was the only way I could sneak it in


V`yonne at 14:37 on 07 March 2008  Report this post
That's the idea. You either have to google it and bluff or sneak around it but in the end you can write about anything.

tiger_bright at 10:11 on 08 March 2008  Report this post
Wonderful, Rebecca! Nice lead in to the twist.

How had it come to this? How had these tiny people become such tyrants?

How indeed?

Thanks for a great read.


ireneintheworld at 17:39 on 08 March 2008  Report this post
great flash rebecca. i was completely flumoxed, couldn't imagine what she was measuring with such precision. well done.

irene x

rebecca at 19:56 on 08 March 2008  Report this post
Thanks guys, so positive!


crowspark at 17:28 on 09 March 2008  Report this post
Hi Rebecca
This was an enjoyable read. It reminded me of my old dad who would count out segments of fruit, measure slices of cake and taught me how to measure angles using a protractor when cutting a pie!
I liked the way you left us guessing until the twist at the end.
Tiny nit - there were several "containers" which might be improved by describing them with other words without giving the game away?
Thanks for the read.

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