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Two small cogs.

by rebecca 

Posted: 11 March 2008
Word Count: 400
Summary: For the Flash II challenge - 'one of many'

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This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.



Hows it going down there? Same old crap here Jenny has been monitoring my calls all morning, the queue hasn't gone below 35 yet and Jerome is on the warpath. We're not allowed toilet breaks (again) and if anybody is on not ready for even 5 seconds Jerome yells at them across the room. He's such a tosser he even said we were a bunch of plebs earlier!!

Anyway, better get this person off hold now. Break room at lunch? My lunch is the same as yours even though I finish at 4! FFS!




Sounds great. No better here they've been on our case all morning, at least we're allowed to go to the loo! It's like a prison in this place. Maz told me he heard that they're thinking of getting rid of some people in your department ha! Maybe you'll end up down here, there are no end of complaints to deal with (oh joy).

Tell Jerome to go stick himself & see you at 2.30, hope there's some sandwiches in the machine forgot to go to boots before.




I haven't heard anything about anyone going can't see how seeing as we are working our arses off 24-7. If another single customer shouts at me today I think i'll have to tell them where to go without the mute button on!! I've lost count how many i've 'accidentally' cut off already haha.

Can't meet you at 2, as tosshead has asked me to come in to see him when my lunch starts. Why can't they take you off the phones in their time? Bastards. I asked Jay and he said there are no sandwiches in the machine. Soz!



Hi S

I've got to go to town now, and am running late. If you get out early from seeing that stupid prick Jerome then i'll meet you back in the break room. I should be back by 2.25ish though apparently there is a ten minute queue to get in the toilets so i'll probably be late and get a bollocking <sigh>.



Dear Eleanor

Your message could not be delivered as the recipient has now left the company. Your message has been forwarded to her head of department who will answer your query as soon as possible.



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Comments by other Members

Forbes at 15:54 on 11 March 2008  Report this post

original presentation, nice story, and I know where the story was heading - but how you got it there was a twist! I really liked this, the to-ing anf ro-ing, the final message - waiting for the shoe to drop.

one suggestion - and you can tell me to sod off, but if Elinor had written something more scandelous in her last email, the wait for the shoe to drop would be more...

just a thought. really liked this, nice delievery, natural and believeable.



tusker at 16:04 on 11 March 2008  Report this post
I liked this. Quick firing. Knew something would erupt but didn't know quite what.


rebecca at 17:51 on 11 March 2008  Report this post

Good idea Avis, I will think on that. Am trying to keep to the 400 word limit so will have to shoehorn it in somehow ;-)

I am experimenting with my writing hence the variation in presentation and viewpoint - its fun, anyway!


rebecca at 17:54 on 11 March 2008  Report this post
Maybe that'll work?


Forbes at 19:15 on 11 March 2008  Report this post
Oh YES!!



novodantis at 00:29 on 12 March 2008  Report this post
Hi Rebecca,

I really enjoyed this one. good twist you have there; made me wince a little for poor Eleanor, haha!


Oh also, thanks for your encouragement!

V`yonne at 23:23 on 12 March 2008  Report this post
Perfectly souless management. Desk cleared, just like that and no time for friendships - or even lunch - or a wee. I've had days like that - bosses like that. Hi-ho. Good writing, Rebecca.

rebecca at 08:21 on 13 March 2008  Report this post

Unfortunately it is written from experience - I have worked in umpteen call centres and they are all like that!


ireneintheworld at 17:11 on 14 March 2008  Report this post
very nifty rebecca. i recognise it cause i worked in a call centre for one real day; after the month training. i left a tea break on the second morning...and they called me when i was five minutes late coming back!

lovely flash.

irene x


'at' the tea break.

lrera at 18:42 on 15 March 2008  Report this post
Nice Orwellian tone, though it's been upon us for years now. "Who is watching the watchers?"...

Nice work

Forbes at 20:54 on 15 March 2008  Report this post
Hi Irera

Are you going to enter?


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