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The Sqiud And The Boy

by SueAnne 

Posted: 25 March 2008
Word Count: 245
Summary: A true poem about my son and the man that taught him how to fish. They had a bond they shared a great passion for fishing. The man went out on the sea one day and he never returned, my son knows that the man was doing what he loved to do when he was lost at sea.

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The Squid And The Boy

the man was the sea and the sea was he
they joined together as it was meant to be

it called to him when he was a small boy
it said come let us play i can be your toy

he fell in love with the giant deep blue
there was something about the color and the hue

the land did not feel right under his feet
too still and too calm he needed the fleet

his spirit was wild and as free as a bird
the songs of the whales he always heard

the man was called squid, thats how he was known
his ship "The Desperado" had a will of its own

the man was a sailor and a fisherman too
his knowledge and wisdom he shared with few

a little boy he met one day
this was the one he would teach his way

the boy had such a love for fishing
he finally found what he had been wishing

he taught the boy everything he knew
the boy got better as he grew and grew

the man and the boy shared a bond so tight
no one would ever know they shared the same sight

it was the gift the man had always yerned to give
he knew what a special life the boy would live

when the man set sail and was lost at sea
the boy knew then that the squid was set free

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Comments by other Members

rebecca at 19:12 on 25 March 2008  Report this post
What a sad tale. I enjoyed the poem and it flowed well and told the story very nicely.

There were a couple of typo's - in the title is one! And in the last but one verse the a is missing in yearned.

Nicely written and expressive.


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