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by di2 

Posted: 31 August 2008
Word Count: 420
Summary: This short piece is an attempt to tap your imagination and invoke the image of the conveyor belt of life's choices

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Imagine this: You are standing beside a conveyor belt, similar to an airport baggage conveyor. You are the only one in the long endless baggage hall. All is quiet except for the rumble of the conveyor and the whir of the air conditioning. The fluorescent tubes shine down on the polished linoleum floor. Itís a late afternoon in the Australian spring, you can see the reflected light of the setting sun on palms in the garden outside the large glass exit doors. You have faith in the world and what it has to offer.

Standing a little way from you is a small table, large enough to place a suitcase or something else upon. The conveyor belt next to you is moving slowly, itís carrying baggage of all shapes, colours and sizes some old, some interesting, some really appealing and some just ordinary. You know you can choose anything you want or need from the moving belt.

You can select the easiest being the closest, quickest, lightest, the most accessible. You can select the prettiest or the one that seems familiar. You can wait and select a piece cautiously after considering your options or you can jump on the conveyor belt and run along its length to retrieve the piece you very nearly missed.

Once you make your choice, you carry it away from the conveyor belt and move toward the table upon which you place it carefully. Examine it inside and out. Make a decision to keep it, live it, admire it or put it back on the belt and choose another. There is no rush. Take your time you have a lifetime ahead of you. While your choice distracts you, the conveyor belt of life continues to move forward slowly, carrying its baggage out of reach.

Time will pass. You will experience life and gain self-knowledge as you live your choice. Eventually you will return to the conveyor belt of life to make another selection. You may replace one, add one to your collection or examine new possibilities. Itís magic! No matter which choice you make or which one you miss, you will live your life through it, sometimes only momentarily. You will get many opportunities to return to the conveyor. Your life will be a tapestry of your choices.

I wish you well and hope that you have love in your heart and hold honour in your soul. A life lived with love and honour will enhance the choices you make.

Enjoy life! Enjoy your choices!

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Comments by other Members

Cornelia at 10:05 on 08 September 2008  Report this post
Lovely piece,Di2; a reminder that life offers so many choices and how lucky we are to be able to choose. It's also a reminder that our decisions can be changed and few are irrevocable.

I like the idea of an airport conveyer belt,although with that we are restricted to collecting only what we put in the hold at the start of the journey. Perhaps that's a starting point for a whole other train of thought.


di2 at 23:28 on 08 September 2008  Report this post
Thanks Sheila for reading my piece and your comments. I'll have another look at the meaning I projected within the piece because I meant to describe the things on the conveyor belt as coming from the universe and not limited to "what we put in the hold at the start of the journey".

It's so good when someone else reads your work, they see so much more than you can when you are so close to it. When you read it yourself you often miss the extra information that is required to communicate clearly. Sometimes it just needs and extra word or two.

The story was originally in my mind as an animated cartoon, however, I don't have those skills so I decided I would "have a go" at describing the scene in words. I enjoyed it and it got the creative juices flowing toward another piece that I have yet to write titled "The Constant Rock".

As you know, feedback about our work is really nice, so thank you for taking the time.


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