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How to Order Designer Wedding Stationery

by donnamichelle 

Posted: 07 November 2008
Word Count: 733
Summary: A step by step guide to choosing hand designed wedding stationery

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It certainly is a daunting task. With more companies advertising hand made wedding stationery than ever before, how do you know who to buy from? And what should you expect if you decide to purchase from one of these suppliers?

First impressions

Firstly look at the designs the company offer. Are they what you want? What other services can they provide you with? Are they flexible? What is the quality of materials they work with? Contact the designer and enquire about the availability of fonts and if they practice minimum quantities when ordering. In my view, any accomplished designer will be very flexible, having unlimited fonts available and never entertain a minimum ordering system.


Most local designers now offer pre-arranged consultations in your own home. Personally, I love these consultations and think they are invaluable as they allow both the designer and client to meet each other, study the designs and discuss what you require from your stationery. Any competent designer will have an endless amount of advice and help to offer you, so if you have any queries or concerns always ask. Consultations should be free of charge (locally) and not be an opportunity for the designer to sell you anything. Expect to receive a free sample after your consultation before you commit to buy.


Most businesses offer samples so if you like a design, then order one. This way you will be able to inspect the quality of the materials the designer has used. They should always be of a high grade.

Wording and Fonts

Designers will always offer standard wording although a competent designer will offer any wording. In todayís society the marital status of some parents can cause confliction and in my experience a large percentage of clients opt to use their own versions of invitation wording. Take advantage of your designer and ask to see the wording in different fonts before you choose, remembering that the print area and amount of wording will depend on the size of your font. Some fonts will complement your invitation the more they grow in size but be unreadable when reduced. Again, a good designer will be happy to do this for you.

Working on a budget

In some cases it may be possible to save money on your order without surrendering any stationery items. Tell your designer if you have a budget. They will be able to prioritise your order and be able to advise how you can combine some items of stationery, saving you money.

Ordering your stationery

Successful designers will have trained staff to cope with order demands but always check how long they will need to make your stationery order. Tell them your wedding date and the date you need to receive your stationery by. Efficient designers always have fully stocked materials, but in a few cases, especially where bespoke designs are created, this time frame may increase for materials to be found and ordered in. The earlier you book your stationery the more control you have over the timing of your order. It is important to remember time is very precious so you must be prepared to work to a strict schedule with your designer. Make sure your wording is accurate as you will probably be charged for the correction of overlooked errors once templates have been made.

Good designers will also offer matching stationery to compliment your wedding invitations. This stationery would normally be delivered nearer your wedding date.

Things to watch for

Feel free to order up to 5 additional invitations for unforeseen mistakes but donít be tricked into ordering extra invitations if you donít need them. A good designer will keep your templates on file and should only charge the unit price per invitation if you need to order more at a later date.

Remember, stationery items made by hand can never be identical but expert designers will ensure they are as alike as possible.

Donít forget to enquire about shipping costs. Most designers have standard rates and will post parcels out using special delivery. If your order is small they should be prepared to apply lower costs.

Always read a designers terms and conditions. They are there to protect both the designer and yourself.

Ask about deposits and payment. Designers normally need a large deposit to hold your order with all balances due before any final order is shipped to you.

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