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Abysmal Christmas

by BaMc 

Posted: 21 November 2008
Word Count: 94
Summary: Very much a flash, produced this morning. A rant - best if ranted!

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Season of phoney sentiment:
families flock together whatever
the weather or whether or not old grudges are spent.
Not mine. I'm banished - me and my brood -
despite offers of food and booze. We shouldn't
have complained about
commodification or
aunty's teary sentimentality
at Noel's House party
or have insisted on breastfeeding
infants whenever they were needing!
No matter it's Christmas -
the grandfolks were embarrassed.
So this Advent, dysfunctional cuz,
our days will be spent
kicking up our own special buzz
not thinking of you and the stramash
of your abysmal Christmas.

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Comments by other Members

Nella at 16:25 on 21 November 2008  Report this post
Season of phoney sentiment
It seems that is what Christmas has deteriorated to. Well said.
I bet you felt better after you got that out of your system!

V`yonne at 18:36 on 21 November 2008  Report this post
Does nobody loke Christmas? I don't know the words cuz and stramash??? Explain?

That's just like it old and young getting on each other's nerves - families being fussy! Many's the row!!

Thank you.

joanie at 19:20 on 21 November 2008  Report this post
Hi Barbara. I do like both the end and internal rhymes. This is like a sudden outpouring of everything you have been bottling up - true 'Flash' I suppose!

I understood 'cuz' to be 'cousin', but I don't know 'stramash'.

Enjoyed! A good response.


BaMc at 19:50 on 21 November 2008  Report this post
Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it was cathartic! 'cuz' as Joanie says is 'cousin' and 'stramash'(noun) means uproar(Scotland) commotion, or rowdy dispute.


V`yonne at 20:51 on 21 November 2008  Report this post
I see! ; Strawmash! Now that shows the difference twixt Ulster and Scotland

tractor at 16:34 on 22 November 2008  Report this post

nice poem. Sometimes its good to be ostracised! Personally I love Christmas with my immediate family but too many additional guests, or the wrong ones, can result a nightmare.



DJC at 17:31 on 22 November 2008  Report this post
Excellent, Barbara - this flows very smoothly - unlike Christmas for many of us, it seems!

BaMc at 19:35 on 22 November 2008  Report this post
Thanks Mark and Darren. We don't mind being ostracised, Mark, well my husband doesn't! I would have like the opportunity to say 'Thanks, but no thanks.'! And we do have a lovely Xmas together - our wee family.

Iagoybardd at 00:55 on 23 November 2008  Report this post
Hi Barbara

Having been dragged along to my sister's in-laws for Christmas, as a form of moral support, I can appreciate some of the sentiment here. Although, to tell the truth, I always enjoyed those get-togethers more than my sister did!

Well done!


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