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`Mouse On A Mission`

by Miss Bower 

Posted: 06 April 2009
Word Count: 968
Summary: Clever little mouse hatched a plan - to raid the fridge whilst dog and cat were sleeping - or were they and who really was the cleverest one after all?

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The dog was sleeping on the rug.

The cat was chewing on a bug.

Mouse was tip-toeing his way to the kitchen door.

He had put together a cunning plan,

And this is where it all begun.

Page 2

Mouse strapped some plans onto his back,

Stuffed plastic bags into a sack,

A paperclip, hammer this and that.

But his plan had one flaw - he forgot about cat!

Mouse gulped then dabbed his brow,

It was now or never so he chose now.

Looked at his plans and marked his route

Tip-toed to the sofa and climbed in an old boot.

But started to panic when he heard dog snore,

So crawled under the rug and stayed flat to the floor.

Page 3

Turned left at the lamp, snuk under a chair,

Having made it this far was almost there.

So under the chair on the floor mouse sat.

And was now in sniffing distance of the cat.

But mouse was clever he knew what do to -

Had made himself smell of dog's old chew!

He looked at dog - still asleep on the rug.

He looked at cat - still chewing on the bug.

So mouse crept out from under the chair,

With the kitchen in sight mouse raced to get there.

Page 4

So into the kithen mouse ran at speed.

To fill his bags and feed his greed.

He checked his watch, he had made good time.

He emptied his bag and was going to climb.

With a saw to cut cheese and hammer to bash

And plastic bags to carry his stash!

Once more at the plans mouse took a look.

He needed some cotton and grappling hook.

The hook he made from an old paperclip

The tools on his belt slipping down his hip.

Page 5

So climb he began and stopped at half way.

Threw out the hook but started to sway.

The hook was supposed to snag the fridge lock,

Mouse threw it too high and it bounced off the clock!

It made such a loud din mouse thought 'that was that'

and turned to see if it disturbed the cat.

But cat did not flinch so mouse drew in his hook.

Threw it back in the air and this time it took.

With a tug on the rope the door opened wide

And mouse started to drool at the feast there inside!

Page 6

He lept from the teatowel not giving a care.

This brave little mouse just flew threw the air.

He hit the fridge shelf with a bang and a crunch

Then picked himself up and started to munch;

On the first thing he saw, which made his nose tickle

For the daft little mouse was chewing a pickle.

He did not stop til he'd eaten the lot

Then out came the plastic bags that he'd got.

He filled them with eggs and slices of jam.

A slab of butter and shoulder of lamb.

Before lowering them gently down to the floor.

Whilst keeping a very close eye on the door.

Page 7

He dived from the fridge straight into his stash

And was careful to land in a big pile of mash.

But mouse was greedy he did not wish to share

So pulled out a toy truck from under a chair.

And threw in the chicken, the cheese and the ham.

Then piled on the top the butter and jam.

Poked eggs down the side with a gentle pat,

Tightened his belt and straightened his hat.

Grabbed the truck's handle with a smile so wide

Then back to his hole and the food to hide.

Page 8

Whilst pushing the truck the wheel's jammed to one side.

It was out of control so mouse swung it wide.

It was all he could do to avoid a disaster.

He was losing time so pushed the truck faster.

But once again the wheel's turned in

As Mouse shot forward he bashed his chin.

It was really hard work pushing this truck

His patience was running out and so too was his luck.

But mouse was clever - he knew what to do

If the truck would not push - then mouse would pull!

Page 9

So pull mouse did, with food spilling out

As the smell from the meat wafted about.

But pulling the truck had taken it's toll

At the same time cat went or a stroll.

He was on to mouse right from the start.

Whilst dog was stupid cat was smart.

He took from the truck the cheese and the ham

And then went back to claim the lamb!

But cat was greedy and wanted it all;

It is said that 'pride comes before a fall'

Page 10

Mouse eventually pulled the truck home.

But turned to see he was not alone.

There cat stood, grinning ear to ear.

When out of nowhere the dog did appear.

Whilst mouse was creeping and cat was stealing.

Dog, a devious plan was concealing.

He watched as mouse put his plan into action

He watched cat steal the food with satisfaction.

He waited til cat's devious deed was done.

But it was dog who by far was the cleverest one.

Page 11

As cat tucked a napkin into his chin

There sat dog with a very big grin.

He was slicing the meat with a very big knife

And stopped to say 'Oh well such is life'

Mouse fainted. Cat fell to the mat.

When mouse came round took the cheese from his hat.

Broke it in half and got stuck in

Offered some to cat who then sat with him.

They sat 'side by side' eating hard cheese.

As dog stuffed his face and scratched all his fleas!

For the daft little mouse was eating

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