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by hailfabio 

Posted: 14 May 2009
Word Count: 105
Summary: Gonna have a break from writing or a bit.

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Failure can be such a scary thing.
Many people are scared of failing,
so scared that they might not even try some things
incase they fail.
However, nothing can be gained without failing.
You have to push yourself to failure in order to get better, to get stronger.
Improvement comes through failing, but only if you go back and try again once you’ve failed.
If you never fail, you never move forward, you just stand still, and eventually go backwards.
Admitting to failings is the route to glory.
Challenging our failures is the way to improvement and to achieving goals.
Start trying to fail today!

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 19:28 on 17 May 2009  Report this post
Hi Stephen - Sorry to hear you're not going to be writing for a bit, but you know you'll be welcome back whenever you want to rejoin us. This poem's in very plain language, no figures of speech or other 'poetic' stuff, but it's a neat and concise piece of writing. It's sort of stoical - the Stoics say you can even celebrate failure if (1) you know you have done your best, and (2) you take lessons from your failure. So 'Start trying to fail' isn't nearly as paradoxical as it might sound.

I hope you won't mind, but I unearthed this poem from your extensive WW archive. It's one (not the only one) that has stayed with me. I hope other group members will read this and go to your archive to sample more of your work.

Imagined Relationship

I love your eyes.
In the twilight frosty Friday.
You're lonely
and drunk.
You know I'm there for you,
not a threat.
For you to bounce off
until you feel better again.
My hopes left empty.
You love my eyes.

Our reasons are different.


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