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Sharp Story - Geraldine`s Story.

by DH2009 

Posted: 21 July 2009
Word Count: 302

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Sharp Stories and Twisted Fairly Tales

Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Sharp Story

Geraldines Story - by Duffield Harding

The days were longer when she was sober, so much longer. They went on and on. Too long, too alone. Geraldine had had shorter days. Fun days, she thought. Once. It helped pass the time, kept her sane, helped her along. If she wanted, she could lose a day, or two here or there. It didn’t matter. No one needed her. She thought. The plea for attention, the cry for help, didn’t help. No one heard. And to Geraldine, alone in her bed, all day, all night, it didn’t matter. The doctors, they helped her, gave her more pills, better ones, new ones, yellow ones, pink ones. They helped, she thought. Keep popping, don’t think about how many you have taken, you can take as many of the blue ones as you like, “whenever you feel the need” said the nurse. Medicated, Geraldine thought this sounded helpful. The pills were good, too good she thought, with a nice glass of vodka – oh sod it forget the glass, they go down very easily indeed. Just slide. Oh, poor Geraldine, she doesn’t seem to be very well, should we give her some different pills? Did she just say something? No, it sounded like a whisper – a no? I don’t think so, see if the red ones help, they’re stronger. Geraldine you see she did it to herself, it was her own fault. Geraldine took the first drink and the first pill they said. Geraldine really believed it would help. It was the only kind of help that there was for Geraldine. The pills fixed everything. Everything except Geraldine.
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DH2009 at 16:14 on 21 July 2009  Report this post
Fairly Tales Vol 1 - The Lost Princess
The Lost Princess - by Duffield Harding
A stubborn and rebellious Princess, being pregnant made her feel grown up somehow. And it suited her she claimed, people had commented that she was blooming. “Even more then usual Your Highness”, they mused. And so it was time to leave the castle and begin her life as a wife and mother. Not being married, the Kingdom thought this unusual, the looks in the eyes of the court ladies said so but she didn’t care. And the King and Queen were clearly un-amused but used to their daughters’ demands; they allowed her freedom to leave. It was a welcome way out she thought. The castle was no fun anymore, not since the divide of the Kingdom, it had been boring and she needed to get out. Anyway, she had the future to think about. Her new home and her new baby.

And so she had her child, and they lived happily although poor in their little house in the woods. With the Fairies and the woodland creatures helping her, they lived for three peaceful years. Thinking of the future, she planned to travel to the divided Kingdom as she knew she could find riches there. She was very pleased with herself and her plan. But then, the unthinkable happened and her baby died suddenly. She scalded herself, she had been selfish. She didn’t deserve to be happy. She had been punished for having sinful thoughts of leaving this place and of money and riches.

And so to exile she sent herself. Away from her family and away from her love to live in the streets, in the wind and the rain. She stayed there for so long that her beautiful satin skin became leather and her elegant hands turned to claws. She lived with the animals and fought for her food. She became wild and her soft hair became matted locks. Struggling to remember her life before, she forgot that she was a Princess, she forgot her name.

One day as she scavenged a meal with the dogs, she noticed a huge house, a castle, that she had been drawn to. I wonder who lives there she thought. How can you recognise this place? She scolded herself. Some years past and she felt tired and worn, she was becoming old. Her health was failing her, the bad food and the cold nights sleeping in the cold were taking their toll. People looked scared when they saw her begging and gave her a wide berth. She got used to not speaking and she wondered if she would ever talk again. One day a face came out of the shadows and asked her “Who are you?” “I am an animal” she replied “You cannot talk to me”. “Well, animal why don’t you let me help you?” “I do not need your help she said, I am an animal, I can live in any conditions, I am strong and resourceful like the fox, I trust no one.” “I can look after you animal” the stranger said “And I want to ease your pain”. “I am not in pain, you are mistaken” said the Princess, “You are just trying to trick me.” “But you could be a Princess” said the man, and she looked at him, realising they were standing before the very same house she had seen those years ago, the Castle of the divided Kingdom she longed to travel to. She thought this maybe an elaborate trick but she would humour him. “So, what do you know of Princesses?” she laughed. “I know they sometimes lose their way.” said the man as they walked towards the house.
The stranger bathed the Princess, combed her hair and sang her soothing lullaby’s, he untangled her bones and stroked her aching muscles back to life. By candle light each night he sang to her. Each night she grew stronger. His friends and his family thought him bizarre to entertain such a creature. But he knew better, and one night as he touched her, he felt her pain and his tears for her flowed. As they sank into her skin, they touched her soul, and she began to remember who she was and why she had been lost. Together they cried for all the years she had been gone, for her grief and for her baby and then for joy in having found each other. As she stood in front of him, perfect as she ever was, her skin glowing and her hair shining, she asked “How did you know it was me?” And he replied that he was her Prince and that they were made for each other and that he had been looking for her for a very long time, no matter what disguise she had chosen, he always knew he would find her. And as Prince and Princess of their Kingdoms, they lived happily ever after in a re-united Kingdom

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