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by keithhodges 

Posted: 23 October 2009
Word Count: 494
Summary: This weeks challenge! About a shock discovery.

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The weird thing is it must have always been there, waiting to be discovered. Its not really something you look for, and things like that you generally know about anyway. Its a kind of instinct. Im not perfect, not by a long way, but this? It really brought me down. I should have paid attention to what it was I had in the first place, years Ive been this way, I just never really looked.

All the guys at school used to laugh, I just assumed my trousers were too short, or my feet were too big; you know nothing wrong there, just the kind of things school boys would laugh at. I was very mature, I let them laugh and at times to make it easier for them, Id trot past them just to make their day.

Heres where I should have started asking questions, that first year of secondary school.

Mum weve forgotten to buy the P.E kit, I cant wear my normal clothes anymore.

You dont do P.E. Billy, not in secondary school.

I do Mum, on the grass, on the other side of the road, that special field, where we used to watch Dad play football.

No Billy, you dont do P.E.

I never asked questions after that, Id just get up and Mum would dress me, like I was silly. I just figured she was being over protective so Id close my eyes and imagine I was a celebrity being pampered. I never saw how shed dress me though, we didnt have mirrors, thats why I had to assume what people laughed at. Unless it was just because I was smaller, I could tell that, and people thought I smelt, Mum wouldnt let me bath.

The other day Mum died, she was old, a late parent. I was kind of lost, Id never done anything alone. I was in the house, in bed waiting for her to dress me, but she never came, I waited and waited for my breakfast, the little pellets of cereal she used to bring me in the morning, and Id gobble them up leaving a trail of saliva, they never came either. Shed only been gone a few days but I missed her already. I think its because I knew she wouldnt be back. Then I remembered something she said to me, near the end.

Remember Billy, never look into mirrors, theyre the devils work, the devil and his trolls.

Well I thought, shes gone now, Ill get a mirror and Ill see what I look like finally. After all these years Id know, things would be better once I knew.
So I did it, I went to the furniture shop, and as I went to step in to buy a mirror, I saw myself, for the first time ever. You guessed it, I was a goat.

Looking back on it, I wish Id never made that discovery, I liked it better not knowing.

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Comments by other Members

librarygirl at 12:53 on 23 October 2009  Report this post
No I did not guess it! But it did make me laugh out loud.

No real nits except it could possibly be slighlty tighter like deleting;

'I think its because I knew she wouldnt be back' - as this does not drive the story forward.

I really enjoyed reading this and looking through a second time - him being called Billy is a classic. I think you'll find a home for this very easily.

Thanks for the read.


Prospero at 13:18 on 23 October 2009  Report this post
Very good, Keith, you made me laugh too and like Liz i didn't see it coming either. Mind you don't go near George Clooney. In his latest film he plays a soldier who kills goats by staring at them. Now then, I know a woman who would keel over if George Clooney stared at her, but goats!



tusker at 13:59 on 23 October 2009  Report this post
Hi Keith,

This was very amusing. You caught me out, but as Liz suggests, cut it shorter for effect.

For instance, in the 1st paragraph, after: should have paid attention to what I had in the first place. Cut out: years I've been this way. But keep: I just never really looked.

This was a great story with an unusual theme.


M. Close at 00:37 on 24 October 2009  Report this post

Haha Keith, well done! I really liked it and the end was a surprise that brought a smile and a chuckle.


V`yonne at 11:32 on 25 October 2009  Report this post
You really had us all with that one. I was hanging on every word and all along it was a shaggy goat It has a sweet innocence about it. Well done on winning.

Findy at 12:55 on 25 October 2009  Report this post

LMJT at 13:40 on 25 October 2009  Report this post
Hi Keith,

This was a good piece of writing. I think it could do with a trim, but what's there at the moment works well.

Congratulations on the win!


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