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Grandah`s Credit Crunch

by TykeintheNorth 

Posted: 24 December 2009
Word Count: 245
Summary: A Humorous taste of true life In Yorkshire in the great North of England ,and how hard it has become, with the influx of folk downsi'n, from the prosperous Smoke Its all Bikes n Baskets, 'Oss Boxes , n 4x4's.Not t', mention all 't fancy foods cluttern up arr shops n farmers markets, 'ts Bleak an 'ts gettin', Bleaker

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Mi, dah's knocking on a bit, still 'a likes 'im coming round fer a brew, likes t'tell 'is tales.

"When I were a lad, our mam would send us down to t'corner store wi' a shillin',and I'd come back wi' five pounds o'potatoes, two loaves o' bread, three pint o'milk,a pound o'cheese,a packet o'tea,an 'alf a dozen eggs. Yer can't do that nowadays. Too many fookin' security cameras."

Arr Norma, ad 'eard it all afooar, yawning 'err ed off she wah, "Bah, granda' went on, all this clap trap, abaht credit crunch, thah dunnno't know meaning o 't word, nooah brass ".

"By gum, Ah'ad summat on when ah, wor a lad, browt up wi' nowt wi wor, aye, wi wor that 'ungry mi belly, thaw't mi throit wor cut, nah such thing as luxuries fer us, wi wor lucky, if wi gorra kippa fer us tea, thin wi all 'ad to share it, wi 'ad t' rub kippa's backbone, on 't slice o't stale bread, so wi all 'ad summat 't eat. Woe betite us if wi turned us nose up, wi'd 'a gorra reite tounge lashing, wi' wud ".

"Nah, thah dun't know 't meaning o't word credit crunch, not this days ".

Posted by Tyke In The North at 10:03 AM
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Comments by other Members

NMott at 22:19 on 24 December 2009  Report this post
Hi TykeintheNorth and welcome to WriteWords.

Good anecdote. My only comment would be that writing it phonetically does limit your audience to those born n' bred in Yorkshire. Personally, I had to spend time 'translating' it first before I understood it, which did take some of the fun out of it.

All the best with the writing.

- NaomiM

TykeintheNorth at 10:57 on 27 December 2009  Report this post
Yes I think I will also do a outside Yorkshire version as well. Thanks for your comments.

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