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May Morning

by Dreamer 

Posted: 24 May 2010
Word Count: 212
Summary: For Prosp's Flash II challenge

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I toss and turn, unable to sleep and rise to put on the kettle.
The newspaper lies open on the table. Military friction in Korea. Talk of the collapse of Europe. Numbers showing that we have learnt nothing, Canada heading for a real estate debacle similar to our neighbours to the South. Stocks crashing. Recession, depression. The end of the world as we know it.
The kettle whistles and a pour myself a cup of tea, slip on my nightgown and step outside.
The spring air hits me with a breath of freshness. It fills my lungs with smells of flowers and trees, of green living things.
Geese fly, honking, over the horizon with the rising sun. They skim low over the water, their wings buzzing and skid to a stop on the glassy lake. Schools of fish break the surface in search of breakfast. A kingfisher splashes then flies up to perch on a branch, squawking at his missed opportunity. A squirrel, high in a cedar chatters in reply while an otter paddles for shore, unconcerned, ripples extending in a Ďví behind him.
I take a sip of my tea, the sun warming my face, and smile. Maybe things arenít as black and white as on the pages of a newspaper.

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Comments by other Members

tusker at 15:43 on 24 May 2010  Report this post
Lovely Brian.

Beautiful descriptions of an early morning, feelings of despondency with the news, but just a step outside changes the mood.

This is yet another of my favourite quotes by Willa Cather:

I like trees because they seem more

resigned to the way we have to live

than other things do.


Dreamer at 21:58 on 26 May 2010  Report this post
Hi Jennifer,

Thank you. I love that quote! I will have to look up more about her.



V`yonne at 13:02 on 27 May 2010  Report this post
Lovely work. A nice reminder that doom and gloom does not apply to all things and that we often make our worries worse by dwelling on things we can do nothing about and ignoring the moment of joy.

I think this would be imroved by two line breaks and also here:
glasslike surface of the lake.
you could get away with:
glassy lake.
and avoid repeating surface so close together.

Thank you for the picture of peace.

Dreamer at 17:05 on 27 May 2010  Report this post
Thanks Oonah,

I have taken aboard your suggestions.

I actually wrote this Sunday morning and basically described what I saw. Helped put things in perspective as did a note from Prosp saying that he was going to increase his spending. I figure that should be enough to push the UK's economy forward if not the entire EU...

Speaking of the Old Guy, anybody seen him around. I've looked in the Parched Quill and found his stein and soap box but no Prospero. If he doesn't show up soon I may have to turn on the TV for some entertainment.



V`yonne at 17:10 on 27 May 2010  Report this post
Sorry, my fault. Snuck him into the snug for a pint o Warm Wallop - don't know what happened after he fell off the bar stool...

Dreamer at 17:28 on 27 May 2010  Report this post
I'm afraid I'm going to need a translation of that but it sounds dirty.
After his pledge to redirect Brttain's economy I presume that he is out shopping.


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