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Sam The Donkeyman

by graham 

Posted: 01 December 2003
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Summary: Set in the mid 1970's Sam is the man in charge of string of donkeys. As he walks up and dome the beach he thinks of his life and his experience in marriage and WW1

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Comments by other Members

Tim Darwin at 12:39 on 09 December 2003  Report this post
Graham, this is splendid, easily one of the best monologues I have seen in a long while; very evocative, lyrical, and moving. I wondered, as I read, how you would conclude it--your ending here could not be bettered! Very well done, indeed--and thanks for the pleasure this piece has given me!



Courtney S Hughes at 12:42 on 05 January 2005  Report this post

This is a far stronger piece than New Neighbour and I think it is very well written. I enjoyed the reflective monologue greatly and the style contrast with what I had previously read. A few typos there but Im hardly one to talk!

The only thing I would look at is some of the inconsistencys with writing a piece in History - though 1978 wasnt that long ago (27 years) there are still a few modern influences sneaking into the play... now admittedly I cant claim to remember 78 that well but I lived at the seaside all my life and I dont recall seeing any 'boob inspector' caps until the early 80's. Britain was liberal in the late seventies but not that liberal. Also, 50p is very steep for a Donkey ride in 1978, but there is a comment to that effect in the play so I guess it can be forgiven. Last niggling thing, the first family, the mother complains that their friends are on holiday to the Seychelles... was the Seychelles an affordable or popular holiday destination pre-90's?

I realise that these are really picky points but I thought that the monologue was so well written that they need looking at, otherwise this one was a treat to read. How was it for performance?



p.s. I particularly liked the bit about having time to knit socks, I say no more incase someone is reading this before reading the play.

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