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The Unhappy Medium

by graham 

Posted: 01 December 2003
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Summary: A pier end fortune teller reads her own future along with that of a younger man.

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Comments by other Members

Anna Reynolds at 16:19 on 08 December 2003  Report this post
Graham, this is an interesting read- some very funny, sharp lines from the medium. I particularly liked
'Hold your hand out.' 'Why?' 'So I can hit it with a ruler! what do you think?'
and the references to St Michael. I had a few thoughts- I was wondering about the opening monologue, where she's on the phone to the bookie- it could feel over repetitive, slightly labouring the point about her not being able to predict stuff that's useful to her in her own life? Also, although her initial dialogue works well, I wondered what it would work like if she has to struggle a bit more to get the right info? and if she might, perhaps, reveal a bit more about herself through this? A really intriguing short drama though, have you had this performed or read?

graham at 00:39 on 09 December 2003  Report this post
Hi Anna - Thanks for the positive comments. All the stuff I post on here has been performed at Scarborough by The Valley Theatre Company, a small pub theatre that only seats 29 people & who perform once every fortnight at The Valley Pub, Valley Road - all welcome £2.00 entrance plus £1.00 pie & peas supper. Currently we're running a pantomime! I just might post it on here sometime.
Cheers Graham

Tim Darwin at 06:39 on 09 December 2003  Report this post
Graham, another delightful piece from your pen; well done! I am particularly struck by 'the Jehovah's Bystanders,' where do I sign up for them, they sound right up my street!

I'm going to have to get up to Scarborough someday, because I don't think anyone could beat this deal: an original play with pie and peas for £3! Seriously: I think what you and the Valley Theatre Company are doing is far, far closer to the original (and dare I say, sacred?) role of theatre than much of what appears in London's West End. All strength to you, and keep up the good work! And thanks for such lively pieces here in WW!



Richardwest at 10:20 on 09 December 2003  Report this post

I enjoyed this. Haunting in its way, and the dialogue’s sparky (though perhaps the St Michael joke is a bit over-played?) The revelations are nicely handled, particularly the parallel uncovering of both client and fortune teller. I wonder though why this of all encounters seems finally to have wearied Margaret of her psychic lot: the construction made me think her insights were more than the merely clairvoyant, yet at the end Chris emerged as just another client. Jehovah’s Bystander though: little gem!

’Best, Richard

Annette at 17:20 on 15 January 2004  Report this post
Hi Graham,

I enjoyed 'The Unhappy Medium'. Like everyone I loved the Jehova's bystander find. I also have to agree with Ridchard that the 3rd St Michael reference was a bit much and disagree with Anna, I found the line about the ruler very forced. But the play witty and very sweet in it's way.
My comment would be to try to flesh out Paula a bit. I see you need someone to interrupt, but now that seems to be her only reason for existence. She could have more life and create more opportunity for our main duo. This doesn't mean it has to be longer though.

Best wishes,


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