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Therapy Journal

by Bunbry 

Posted: 29 August 2010
Word Count: 423
Summary: For Richard's challenge. Just for fun, not for judging.

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Content Warning
This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

Session 6
Ray was really out of it today, didn’t look like he wanted to be there. At the end he apologised, said he was tired. He better make up for it next week. He brings the whole group down with his crappy attitude. Claude finally told us why his marriage broke up – what a patsy! New girl turned up, Maria, looks like a bit of a tart – black tee shirt, no bra, ripped jeans. Never spoke really.

Session 7
Don’t fuckin’ believe it, Thomas said Si finally topped himself. Franco said he’d hung himself – Thomas said it wasn’t ‘appropriate’ to speculate. The guy’s a tosser. Maria’s still not wearing a bra. Nice.

Session 9
Knew it, Eugene’s a kiddie-fiddler! Happened when he was training to be a vicar in the seventies. No wonder he’s so fuckin’ screwed up these days. Thomas (tosser) said it was ‘brave’ of him to make such a disclosure. I think Thomas wanted to laugh like the rest of us. Maria smiled at me. No bra.

Session 10
Ray said he had a ‘skeleton in the closet’ but wasn’t ready to share it with us just yet – should’ve kept his gob shut then. Knob. New guy today, Paul - bit too smarmy for my liking. Maria sat opposite me today. Had her legs open some of the time. I’m going to talk to her next week.

Session 11
Was going to talk to Maria at break, but new Paul was in there like a fly round shit. Fuckin’ bastard!!!

Session 12
Spoke to Maria at break, it was nice. No Paul – he was in court. Thomas assured us he was still committed and would be back. The bastard should be committed. Franco left the group. Don’t know why, Thomas wouldn’t say.

Session 13
Paul sat next to Maria. She didn’t even look at me the whole time cos of him. Doesn’t he know that she fancies me? He’d better watch out. I told Claude what I was planning. He said I was stupid. I’ll show them.

Session 14
After the group I took Paul to one side, told him to lay off otherwise I’d give him a fuckin’ beatin’. Tosser just laughed so I gave him a couple of slaps. Then he looked funny and said I’d better watch out. Told me his second name was Gennovetti. What’s that supposed to fuckin’ mean?

Physiotherapy Session 1
Went on the parallel bars today to try some walking. The nurse smiled at me a bit.

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 17:23 on 29 August 2010  Report this post
Well that's fun all right. I'd try EDF with that! Session 7 funkin’? What a load of psychopaths ;

hopper2607 at 19:01 on 30 August 2010  Report this post
Nice line in black humour, Nick! Has a sitcom feel about it, with that unhealthy collection of characters.


Bunbry at 10:56 on 31 August 2010  Report this post
Thanks Oonah, I'm not too sure about subbing something with bad language and sexual references - I feel a little embarrassed! I once heard that you can write about a murder, and no one thinks you have killed anyone, but wrte about sex and everyone thinks it's you who has done it all!

Andy, thanks for that - do you remember the Therapy Group in Saxondale? That was in my mind when I wrote this.


Desormais at 11:32 on 31 August 2010  Report this post
Great flash Nick! Very clever.

Loved the Maria character.


tusker at 12:17 on 31 August 2010  Report this post
This a good one, Nick.

Great characters, all of which I'd hate to meet on a dark night, but are very vivid and sadly believable.


Bunbry at 12:26 on 31 August 2010  Report this post
Hi Sandra thanks for those kind words. I wanted to make Maria a bit of a punkette type, but used the word 'Tart' for the challenge so she will become a punk post challenge!

Hi Jennifer, they are all a bit grim aren't they?! Not sure if anyone remembers a sit com called 'Dear John' but that was about a therapy group and was very good and might have influenced this also.


tusker at 15:07 on 31 August 2010  Report this post
No I don't remember Dear John, Nick.

I gave up on sit coms a while ago apart from Kevin and Stacey as I wanted to wave The Welsh Dragon. Sian The Sheep though couldn't be regarded as a sitcom but I love that.

Even soaps don't grab my interest, these days. I call them, Slit Your Throat Viewing.


crowspark at 22:30 on 31 August 2010  Report this post
Hi Nick

I like the diary format and a pleasure to see a writer who excels at conventional 'story' playing with other ways of writing flash.

Loads of skeletons here. Great entry for the challenge.

Thanks for the read.


Bunbry at 12:34 on 01 September 2010  Report this post
Thanks Bill for those kind comments.

I used a diary was the only way I could think of to deal with the long passage of time that this story needed.

Jennifer Dear John was from the 1980's so you might have caught it!
Soaps - I don't watch them either, but with all the rescources available to these big companies, you can bet they are very well written.


V`yonne at 14:01 on 01 September 2010  Report this post
write about sex and everyone thinks it's you who has done it all!
Heehee - well I hope everyone thinks so ; I'd hate to appear as boring as I am, Nick

Bunbry at 17:52 on 01 September 2010  Report this post
You and me both. I'm still waiting for 'erotica' week here, Oonah!


V`yonne at 18:02 on 01 September 2010  Report this post
A whole week, Nick? That's ambitious! I'm waiting for erotica moment!

rmol1950 at 22:47 on 01 September 2010  Report this post
Great stuff. Lots of strange characters and every one with a skeleton in the cupboard by the sound of it. Plus a vicar and a tart. I love the way you build the characters with one liners from other people.

Bunbry at 15:35 on 02 September 2010  Report this post
Cheers Richard!


feather at 19:29 on 03 September 2010  Report this post
was having a discussion with some friends the other day about bad language and sexual comments in writing - my view being that if a certain type would natural use that kind of language it would appear stilted if they didn't - they all said it would turn them off reading it - I still stand by my argument and I think this piece proves my point deliciously -

what a great set of people - and no I dont think they are particulaly dark but in need of therapy? maybe!!

really enjoyed this

Cholero at 22:19 on 05 September 2010  Report this post
Hi Nick

V enjoyable. Great fallible narrator, simple idea coolly executed with a laugh at the end.

What a lovely bunch.

Bunbry at 11:27 on 12 September 2010  Report this post
Thanks Feather for being so kind. I think you expose yourself a little bit every time you write, but never more so than when writing about sex, and that makes it a very scary thing to do!

Thanks for those generous comments Pete.


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