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The Last Bell.

by rmol1950 

Posted: 06 January 2012
Word Count: 128
Summary: I now have time to write again and will be a regular contributor. Here is a ast minute entry to the week 249 challenge.

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The four clock faces of the great tower had long since fallen, leaving gaping holes like eye sockets in a skull staring blindly at desolation.

Wind and ice had eroded the brick fabric of the building. Acid rain corroded the cast iron bell supports and ate into the mortar of the brickwork.

Finally, the iron beam securing the great bell, fractured, and sixteen tons of bronze plunged three hundred feet down through the weakened brick and stone of the clock tower. It bounced back and forth between the four walls and with each destructive impact the once familiar chime thundered a death knell. Big Ben collapsed.

The great bellís chime, the last manmade sound on earth, faded away, unheard. The dust cloud dispersed, unseen. Only the wind sighed.

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Comments by other Members

M. Close at 22:59 on 06 January 2012  Report this post
Nice! A brilliant look into a post apocalyptic world. If no one was there to hear it....did it really make any noise?
Sorry, couldn't resist.

Well done!


tusker at 08:40 on 07 January 2012  Report this post
Great to read one of yours again, Richard.

Enjoyed this despite the subject. Stark and terrifying. Loved those final 3 sentences.


Desormais at 11:46 on 08 January 2012  Report this post
Excellent read. Very atmospheric.

fiona_j at 12:12 on 08 January 2012  Report this post
This is a very desolate story, really brings home what Earth would be like when we're all gone. I would like to find out more about this world, why the human race has gone and what it's like elsewhere.

One thing, it's a good idea with challenge entries to post a link to it in the challenge thread. Then whoever is doing the judging doesn't accidently miss it out.


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