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The Purrfect Feline

by Thea 

Posted: 24 February 2013
Word Count: 717
Summary: Short story with a twist

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The Purrrfect Feline

"Come here and sit down next to me" purred Catalina beckoning with her long red finger nails. " Ummm don't know if I'd better stay long .." Mumbled Des , breaking out into a sheen of perspiration at the appearance of her long, sleek shape , reclining on the sofa,. . " C'mon " she said " I won't eat you ....you're not a mouse are you ? " her soft seductive tones propelled him to her side. " it's umm very nice here isn't it ? " stuttered Des , looking around at the sumptuous living room.

Catalina was dressed in a black velvet gown which outlined the lean curves of her body. Her long dark hair shone in the dimmed lamps dotted around the room in various nooks and crannies.

The sofa and chairs were covered in red damask, with mock fur throws. Fluffy mats were carefully placed on the laminated flooring and the fireplace, with its twin cat statuettes at each side, blazed with a glorious heat.

She stretched her limbs towards the warmth, slightly arching her back. Des still sat gingerly on the edge of the sofa. Feeling more and more anxious by the minute .

" What do you want me to do for you? " he asked , worrying about the answer . " Well I'm sure you will be a great asset however you perform" she replied looking deep into his eyes with her dark almond shaped ones. Her small pink tongue softly licked her upper lip.

" No ones criticised my technique in the past " he said huffily " Oh , I'm sure they haven't, I can see your potential " she whispered , rubbing a finger up and down his arm.

" I love a man who's dressed in the appropriate clothes for the occasion " she purred..." It makes him so desirable and attractive ." Seductively , her hand was now moving to his neck, gently caressing his collar, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his tie. Her long nails caught his neck, leaving scratch marks on his pale skin.

Des was feeling distinctly awkward , he felt as if he he was in the middle of some cat and mouse game with him as the prey. What would be the outcome?

He could see a ribbon of black silk in Catalina's hand. She touched him on the cheek with it , slowly caressing his bare flesh. Des felt himself blushing, enjoying the feel of the material . She picked it up and wound it around his neck, his heart beat faster as she tied it neatly , forming a bow .

Catalina unwound herself from her seat, languidly standing up and prowling around the room , until her eyes alighted on the long, black silk cape. She picked it up, softly touching the folds and holding it against her body. She commanded Des to stand. He got to his feet , shaking with emotion. Catalina wrapped it around him , arranging it gently over his shoulders and, with a seductive look ,smoothed it down to his thighs.

Leaving him , she sashayed across the room,gracefully moving her long, shapely limbs. She picked up the top hat and cane, pressing the felt material of the hat , her fingers making indentations. She handed them to Des , " Here " she said " You'll be needing these " He took them off her, still concerned as to her expectations of him, but hell it won't be that difficult !

Opening the door leading to the adjoining room, Catalina stepped back at the scene before her . Total chaos met her eyes, which widened in alarm .

" Here you go Des " she commanded him....indicating that he enter the room . " You'll soon quieten them down, now you are properly dressed. "
He also looked alarmed , but pulled back his shoulders , stood up straight , and entered the fray.

" Here children is the star of your party ...Mr Magic " Catalina announced as 20 little faces looked up expectantly. A real magician ! !!!! They were so excited ! "Don't worry , they ll all be little pussycats in your hands " Catalina whispered as she gently shut the door.

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