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In a moment of idleness

by V`yonne 

Posted: 21 April 2013
Word Count: 116
Summary: I couldn't resist

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God had nothing better to do that day
so he took off his crown to scratch his bonce
and had an idea a good one for once
to create a little friend out of clay
but where was he going to get any?
Clay/earth earth/clay his mind whirred merrily.
Nice name Earth and hed call his friends mankind.
Hed make two of them and give them a fork
a garden and fruit trees and let them work
the land with lots of animals to husband;
hed give them justice and freedom the prize

and as he thought, before his very eyes
the universe exploded into view.
Satan finds work for idle hands to do.

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Comments by other Members

Nella at 07:01 on 22 April 2013  Report this post
LOL, Oonah! That's an ending that really has punch! And a sonnet to boot, in such a short time. Very, very clever.

This was an enjoyable read!


V`yonne at 12:22 on 22 April 2013  Report this post
Thanks Robin it occurred to me when I was making my comment in the thread and I just couldn't resist trying to write it.

tusker at 18:24 on 22 April 2013  Report this post
Loved it, Oonah.

Often the ones that strike a creative spot, quickly, does well. This is good fun and made me smile.


V`yonne at 18:30 on 22 April 2013  Report this post
Thanks Jen. I think that while you were over commenting on mine I was commenting on yours which is really a bit strange

crowspark at 19:40 on 22 April 2013  Report this post
Clever and enjoyable, Oonah. Hmm! Not sure about justice and freedom though. An angel with a fiery sword and free to leave, but not come back :(

V`yonne at 22:56 on 22 April 2013  Report this post
Ill thought out plan, Bill. Like government thinking you know...

Flyswat at 01:07 on 24 April 2013  Report this post
Fantastic! Clever, witty and a great read.

Dave Morehouse at 17:57 on 24 April 2013  Report this post
Heavenly creative. I especailly liked using the fork to foreshadow Satan. Idle hands indeed. Nicely done, Dave.

Artista at 22:03 on 26 April 2013  Report this post
Great Oonah, and I love the twist. Clever!

V`yonne at 23:40 on 26 April 2013  Report this post
Glad it gave you all a laugh

michwo at 11:39 on 13 January 2017  Report this post
This sort of reminded me of a limerick I once reed:
God's plan had a hopeful beginning,
But man spoiled his chances by sinning.
We hope that the story
Will end in God's glory,
But at present the other side's winning.

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