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The Dream

by OliviaPaasche 

Posted: 03 November 2013
Word Count: 249
Summary: This is a narrative of children who were hidden away in bunkers during the war.Despite their terrible circumstances they were encouraged to hold onto the dream of freedom

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They told us to dream a dream
And to never let go of it
Even as we hid in that tiny bunker
With the rats and the putrid drops and all
Listening to the blasting, the banging
And the bludgeoning

They said that a dream could be like a butterfly
Elusive and quick as a flash
Then a blur
Never to be remembered
Never to be awakened

So they taught us to reach out and take hold of that dream
Even through the terrors and the fires
The stench and the trembling cold
We were to pray our dream through
Hope our dream through
And even speak the dream
Into the innermost part of the soul

They drew an eagle on those musty walls
And told us to lay our dream
Upon its wings
For the eagle would carry it away
Into mysterious realms unknown
For the dream that we would dare to dream
Would surely touch the Dreamer of the dream
And tug upon the hem of the gown of
He who already declared that
Nothing would be impossible to
Those who dared to believe

They said with solemn prophecy
That it would be only for a little while longer
Before those terrible days would be over
And in the twinkling of the eye
Our prison doors would be opened
And our first few steps to freedom will be taken
We will leave the past behind us
And walk again into a new day of freedom

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