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by kennyp 

Posted: 27 December 2013
Word Count: 219
Summary: Week 489 Flash Fiction Challenge

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The room was filled with a cacophony of loud chatter and levity as I made my way through the crowd of people.

Unconsciously I found myself swaying rhythmically with the mass throng around me, my arms and legs a whirl of motion, hypnotised and intoxicated by the music.

As I approached the group of familiar faces ahead of me we embraced. I felt the warm breath of a woman’s mouth as her lips caressed my cheeks with an affectionate kiss.

I was gestured towards the bar and handed a small glass and prompted to extend my hand, a sprinkle of salt was deposited on the back of my hand and a slice of lime given to me which I held between my thumb and index finger. I breathed out, licked the salt from the back of my hand, downed the tequila shot and bit the lime then slammed the glass onto the bar.  

A stack of glasses of wine, lager and cocktails where lined up invitingly on the bar. I grasped a pint of lager eagerly while we all distractedly glanced at our timepieces: watches, smartphones and the clock hanging behind the bar as the DJ counted down:” 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year!”


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Comments by other Members

BryanW at 17:18 on 28 December 2013  Report this post
Not only have you met the challenge with a wonderfully clever and concise handling of its requirements, but you've also managed to combine it with a festive-party-seasonal theme.
Well done!

Bunbry at 18:03 on 28 December 2013  Report this post
This is well written but I see it as an opening paragraph rather than a story in its own right. But well done.


kennyp at 18:31 on 28 December 2013  Report this post
Thanks Bryan and Nick for reading and commenting.

Jordan789 at 14:34 on 29 December 2013  Report this post
I agree with both of the above comments. You've another five-hundred words to use. Write the rest of the story! I like how you chose New Year's eve as the time. That's a wonderful idea given the challenge.


fiona_j at 17:00 on 29 December 2013  Report this post
This is a nice little slice of someone's rather drunk time on New Year's eve. Would this be more classed as a vignette?

kennyp at 09:37 on 30 December 2013  Report this post
Thanks Jordan and Fiona for reading and commenting. And yes Fiona its more of a micro flash fiction piece/vignette.

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