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The Mythical Emblems of Gragodon - Volume 1

by Gopal 

Posted: 07 November 2014
Word Count: 373

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This is an epic Fantasy Adventure tale filled with action and valorous exploits.

The realms of living beings are no longer the same as what we are used to seeing. Far into the future, our Earth has undergone one cataclysmic upheaval after another such that the past civilizations of human beings and their cities lie buried deep in its crust. What remains is the bare earth, the seas and vast lands, devoid of any monumental buildings or skyscrapers to speak of.

In this medieval setting, a new breed of humans inhabit the world with other evolved life-forms – such as the ferocious lion-like citizens of Regnadea, the brawny Bezgrodh of the sandy plains, winged Gleidera of the Orvidean kingdom, warrior maidens from the realm of Solma, powerful Sorcerers who think nothing of bringing forth weapons of destruction, and an intelligent race of people dwelling deep under the ocean, just to name a few.

A struggle for supreme power ensues, which results in the famed but long-forgotten mystical Gragodonian emblems being recalled from their secret alcoves across the seven realms of living beings. To counteract the forces of the Gragodonian emblems, other mystical powers, which look set to overpower the cause of the good peoples, are also set in motion.

In this volatile backdrop, three young kings from the northern kingdoms of Lamiras, Meldovia and Varnosia are secretly charged with the task of battling the perpetrators of unwholesome intentions. These perpetrators, also endowed with immense mystical might, look set to unleash their unique brand of justice upon the common peoples of the world. Unexpectedly, danger stalks the three princes at the very outset. The royal comrades are none the wiser about the true identity of their nemesis and the price of their ignorance proves costly indeed. Will any or all of them fall by the wayside, in their quest to overcome the evil of the times?

This is a story about Courage. It is about Perseverance. It is about Friendships and Loyalty. It is also about Love. It is about overcoming the obstacles and challenges, which each and every single person in this world faces in his or her unique way, inevitably thrown into our path in this self-discovering journey called Life.   

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