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Continental Drift

by crowspark 

Posted: 28 November 2015
Word Count: 76

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Someone left the gate open.
Maybe they were cold
Wind driven, blinded by snow
keen to get home to
hearth and home
and a warm.

The gate was open
wind blown. Snow piled
against hedges but
at the gap of the gate
it drifted, filling ditches
snow escaped to the road.

Someone left the gate open.
Continental drift
into the road, piece by piece
building like a question
who can say
what may

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 10:28 on 29 November 2015  Report this post
Oh that is very well done indeed! It's so true about the cold reception instead of the warm hearth and it's chilling too to think what will happen! Now---You know about the linnet's wings don't you? wink

FelixBenson at 12:56 on 29 November 2015  Report this post
Interestingly open poem that suggests meaning without drawing specific conclusions, which is hard to do. I very much liked - building like a question too. Very intriguing!

Bazz at 15:18 on 29 November 2015  Report this post
I like the nudging refrain here, like the snow "building to a question" (great line). Nicely subtle, with a chilly but restrained mood, like winter itself, spilling into the road, each snowflake an accident waiting to happen...! Thoughtful, really engaging.

Dave Morehouse at 17:56 on 29 November 2015  Report this post
I love the open gate that begins each stanza. Each iteration fills me with more questions. Why is the gate open? Who left it so? Why is an open gate vital to the poem? The questions in my mind add like layers, like the poem's snowy drift out into the street. The closing question is worded nicely. It forces me to spend a little more time with your poem; it draws me back inside - perhaps to close the gate? Better yet, you drag that question across several line breaks. The question mirrors the snowdrift in that regard. I love it when structure follows content in a poem. Well done.

By the way, the wordplay in the title is clever by twice. Very cool.

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