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by jeffreynti 

Posted: 29 November 2016
Word Count: 725
Summary: The synopsis of a TV series. Looking for experienced and non experienced writers to get involved in writing and producing this wonderful project. Kind regards.

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By Jeffrey Nti 

First season background 

London 2033. Normality rules which means the wired and wonderful are excluded from society. Everybody works 9 – 5 in some sort of recycling, recycling objects and information from before the crisis in 2016, up until the age of 18 you were a student and everyone attended church on Sunday. Christianity is the only religion. There is no cash. In-built chips locate you, and are used to make payment transactions, I.D you, for the  upper class, start your car etc.
People are known as Hubots not humans. Hubots are created to be perfect. Any imperfect action by a Hubot, cheating on their wife, stealing, lying – results in imprisonment. Jails are almost empty, the only Hubot's in jail are those with genes strong enough to over-ride the programming from their implanted chip. These few retain the mental capacity to break the law. 
Four chosen families one from each region of London, North South East and west. 
The family from the North has two sons and a mother. 
The family from the south has two sons, a daughter a mother and a father. 
The family from the west has two daughters and a father. 
The family from the east consists of one son, one daughter a mother and a father.
The other three children born into care due to there parents being infected during pregnancy and dying straight after giving birth. 
The virus began in 2013 and was completely gone by the end of 2016. Everyone who did not agree to having a chip, wasn't eligible or was too late to receive treatment from the NHS  or could not afford the vaccination for the virus were  killed in 2016, a period when mankind underwent massive changes. 
3 of the six parents die and the other 3 survive. 
Prior to their deaths their children were taken to the care home. Were they were told by a friend that they 
would be safe. 
2 of the other three surviving parents, the family from east, have the chip from there children removed once the virus crisis was over, but kept their own chip so they can  live on to see the future. They couldn't risk exposing the fact that there children were chip-less so they took them to the care home were they were told they would be safe.  
The single father from west  London also had the chip so he can live on to see the future. His children avoided having the chip due to being born In a private hospital by a surrogate mother. His two daughters were taken into care were he was told they would be safe. 
They would not be able to work to earn money or officially pay for anything themselves, or leave the country. These humans can’t do anything which requires the use of the chip. They are also bound to keep this a secret. If it became known to the Hubot government that they did not have chips they will be wanted and arrested. 
The other 3 children were implanted with the chip but for some  strange reason were immune to it. 
At the ages of 3,4 and 5 these 12 special individuals were living and being taken care of in the same care home with a number of other kids. Once each child had turned 18 they left the care home.
Having grown up in care together, the humans met each other and were able to come to terms with being special, and knowing they were not, entirely, alone. 
Faced with joining the working world at the age of 18 the humans struggle to survive. Meeting up with each other in different moments helping each other to survive the outcast.
 It became known that they were different to government and were now fugitives. 
 At the ages of 19 20 21 they meet up with a scientist who would help them out by giving them a replica device which would give them the ability to function in this new dystopian world. And begin the journey on using their natural human abilities to try and return the world to what it was once known like to be, the element of free will 

London 2033. An adaptation of London currently made to look futuristic.
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