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Social Tedia

by Mickey 

Posted: 17 September 2017
Word Count: 132

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Content Warning
This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

You social misfit losers who let everybody know
what you’ve had for breakfast and when you’re feeling low,
or when you’re on your holidays post boastful photographs
or “Here’s one when I’m pissed as hell! – Oh, what a bloody laugh!!”
Don’t tell me you’ve just changed your car, expecting “Super! Wow!!”
I didn’t give a shit before and even care less now.
Why is such high technology used for such puerile ends?
So a thousand dopey followers can call each other ‘Friends’
or ‘Like’ to know you “feel like shit” or that “it’s pissing down”
or how you “nearly missed the bus” when going into town.
I couldn’t give a tuppenny toss you’ve fell out with the wife
or you’ve gone down with Asian Flu – just get a fucking life!

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 15:53 on 17 September 2017  Report this post
Brilliant, Mike!  I love the content, the humour, the rhymes, the rhythm, EVERYTHING!  This is exactly my sort of poem, and I find that this type of thing always goes down well with people who read it but aren't particularly 'poetic', if there is such a thing.

Fantastic.  I love it.


joanie at 15:54 on 17 September 2017  Report this post
PS.  It needs to be performed!

Mickey at 17:26 on 17 September 2017  Report this post
Thank you for your enthusiastic response Joanie.  I was a bit reluctant to post this one in case I offended everyone although, If I'm honest, I'd probably be a lot less critical of social media if I knew how to use it!

James Graham at 20:46 on 17 September 2017  Report this post
Hello Mike – This comes across as very spontaneous. It’s as if some inveterate tweeter had been banging on about how great it is, how you can tell your ‘friends’ (whether you really know them or not) all about yourself and all about what you’re doing, any minute of the day, and you’ve reached a point where you’ve just had enough. You give them a piece of your mind. Maybe you have to apologise afterwards, but secretly you’re glad you said it.

I doubt you’ll offend any WW members, who are certainly not ‘dopey’ and already have a life. I’ll get back to you with some more comments, almost certainly of the ‘Wow!’ kind.


V`yonne at 18:22 on 18 September 2017  Report this post
Amen! brother.

James Graham at 20:05 on 18 September 2017  Report this post
Still smiling at this, Mike. You’ve hit a few targets – the ecstatic replies people get when they announce humdrum stuff, the ‘Likes’ they get where there’s nothing either to like or dislike, the legions of ‘Friends’ (total strangers). I realise what I’ve said may sound rather serious, and I think maybe it is, especially what amounts almost to a debasement of the word ‘friend’. Still, people like us who’ve got a life know what ‘friend’ (face-to-face or online) really means.

I like your ending – a right good blast.

The best word for the ‘social misfit losers’ you let fly at is surely not tweeter or twitterer but simply ‘twit’.

Maybe we should give counsel for the defence a hearing, though. Facebook carries a lot of silly stuff, but it can earn its keep. I’ve used it, for example, to ask people to sign an anti-Trump petition. (He’s a social misfit winner!) Even Twitter can be used to put out a news story or issue that the traditional media have neglected. Always two sides to everything. But you’ve done a very nice bit of satire against the dumb and dumber.


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