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A Few More

by Mickey 

Posted: 13 October 2017
Word Count: 160
Summary: I hope you guys don’t mind me posting these in batches? They’re insignificant on their own but I hope they can amuse you when read together

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The Poet’s Curse

The Muse when she takes me
just grabs me and shakes me
but then she’s just up and away
Then for several years
I’m bereft of ideas ….
and have to get on with something
completely different like decorating
the house, or gardening,
or snail-racing, or ….

Diners Or Friends?

I secretly
to tea
Rex Whistler,
Emily Bronte
saw us!

The Mighty Atom pleads
 the Fifth Amendment

The Circus Employment Tribunal
asked the human cannonball
suing for wrongful dismissal
if he’d ever been fired before
but he refused to answer
saying the question was ...

Career Change

The London Symphony Orchestra
was looking for a new conductor
which was quite a relief for Ron
now his route is driver-only
“Tickets, overtures and
 beginners only please”

The Gratuity

I read in a book
when I was a kid
that a tip was


But it doesn’t
(and probably never did)
What optimistic

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 21:30 on 13 October 2017  Report this post
Hi Mike - I've posted a short comment - a reply - on your previous batch, now in the archive. I'll comment on these new ones soon.


Thomas Norman at 21:04 on 14 October 2017  Report this post
Wonderful! How do you think these up I can't imagine! Diners or Friends? and A Career Change are my favourites.

Please go steady on posting so I can keep up and not miss any smiley

James Graham at 21:14 on 15 October 2017  Report this post
Five more little gems. I like the way ‘The Poet’s Curse’ trots along in a nice rhythm until the Muse departs, then the rhythm becomes more like prose. And 'snail-racing' is a great punch line. But before I go any further, I need help. Thomas seems to understand ‘Diners or Friends?’ but I don’t get it. I’d like to, because it’s intriguing. I know something about Rex Whistler, and have read ‘Wuthering Heights’ – but what’s the connection? Is there something quite simple that I just haven't seen? A penny that won’t drop?


Mickey at 21:22 on 15 October 2017  Report this post
Diners Or Friends = Dinosaur Friends
to tea, Rex Whistler = T-Rex Whistler
Emily Bronte Saw UsEmily Brontesaurus
Honestly James, you give me far too much credit for intelligence laugh

James Graham at 20:51 on 18 October 2017  Report this post
But I didn’t see it! The penny didn’t drop! I don’t feel too stupid because it’s not all that obvious, in fact it’s quite clever. You have to think about it, forget the literary associations and think about the sound of the words…then eureka.

Your play on 'conductor' is pretty good too.There might be variations on that - a bus conductor producing a baton and getting the passengers to join in a sing-song.


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