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How much for halloween in the window

by Practicer 

Posted: 28 October 2019
Word Count: 30
Summary: For the trick or treat challenge

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Broom for witches
plastic bulb pumpkins
Spider webs stiches 
skulls with jaw bolted hinges

Sack of golden riches
Steaming slime green vats
for discount stats
in cold autumn snaps.

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 18:19 on 29 October 2019  Report this post
Love those jaws!!!

I like the way this ends with how the stores do it all to boost their sales. That I think is the real HORROR. I was in ASDA earlier and the amount of plastic people were buying for a one day holiday (not even a holiday) really scares me.

I put this on the thread for you by the way. devil

Jojovits1 at 21:50 on 29 October 2019  Report this post
I wish you could post pictures here and you could see my desk at work.  I add to my Halloween collection every year!  I also think it should be a hanging offence to put Christmas stuff on the shelves before Halloween is done and dusted. 😁

Loving “slime green vats for discount stats”.  

Horrid how everything is steeped in commercialism these days.  I’m surprised the supermarkets don’t cash in on Diwali as well! 😁

Practicer at 09:31 on 30 October 2019  Report this post
Thank you for the comments. 
Thank you for help with the thread

Happy halloween!


michwo at 16:09 on 30 October 2019  Report this post
My kind of poem, Robert.  Very observant. I'm impressed by your triple rhymes - i.e. witches, stitches, riches; vats, stats, snaps. Well done. I liked it a lot.
(I think you mean 'stitches' when you write 'stiches' by the way.)
Happy Hallowe'en yourself!

Practicer at 11:03 on 02 November 2019  Report this post
Thanks for the feedback.

Cliff Hanger at 15:24 on 02 November 2019  Report this post
Love the sounds in this and it really works as a piece to read aloud. I enjoyed the keenly observed cyncism in it also.


Practicer at 16:12 on 02 November 2019  Report this post
Thank you.
It is both exciting and a bit daunting to have pieces read and critiqued.

FelixBenson at 09:00 on 03 November 2019  Report this post
Really love the smooth lines and very satisfying rhymes, Robert. It is very fitting that it reads like an incantation!  Perfect match of form and content!

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