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Uncle Oxenhead

by crowspark 

Posted: 26 July 2020
Word Count: 82
Summary: An old poem of mine

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Every night upon the stair
the trip trap of uncle Oxenhead
chalk squeal of horn on the wall
splinter of banister rails.

Sometimes I hear
a softer step
murmur and giggle
nervous catch of breath
winding up the stair
to Oxenhead's attic lair

Wild nights of thunder
floorboards crack and quake
dust showering down
upon the banister rails.

One day I'll throw wide
the bedroom door to
beckon young virgins in
hide them beneath the
lonely bed
of Oxenhead's
kith and kin.

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Comments by other Members

michwo at 15:10 on 26 July 2020  Report this post
Thanks for contributing such a thought-provoking poem, Bill.
It puts me very much in mind of Philip Larkin's Deceptions, especially 'Oxenhead's attic lair'.
... you were less deceived, out on that bed,
Than he was, stumbling up the breathless stair
To burst into fulfillment's desolate attic.

So much for senile lust then. I can only hope his kiith and kin are less randy than he is. At least, unlike 'bridal London' based on Mayhew's account, you won't be turning a blind eye to the nefarious carnal sacrifices perpetrated by this wicked uncle..He puts me in mind of Charles Laughton in "The Barretts of Wimpole Street".

michwo at 21:09 on 26 July 2020  Report this post
Have I read too much into this poem, Bill?
Minotaur, right? But ox = bull = Zeus = rape of Europa and the action of your poem seems to centre round a bedroom at the top of a house rather than a horizontal labyrinth and 'dust showering down/ upon the banister rails' might be a side-effect of vigorous sexual intercourse. Are these virgins giving up their life or just their virginity? Quite a disturbing poem really when you think about it.

crowspark at 08:37 on 27 July 2020  Report this post
Hi Michael, thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I turned it upside down (labyrinth above, not below) and introduced two aspects the Minotaur, the monster (uncle) who "devours" and the tame Zeus who wants to rescue his princesses.

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