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Beastly Coffee

by Novy123 

Posted: 29 December 2020
Word Count: 317
Summary: The effects of colonialism in modern day world.

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Long long slender back
Surround fields to move, covered in arms toe to head with a wink outside of the scarf covering thick black curls
Dark smooth skin
Aviation flitters make up rooms of sweaty hands hung late
Imagine them pressed to the windows, yet another destination
Sweaty is the beans turning inside of the palms of my hand rigid lines engraved like a map I’ve walked to be here
They call this blue collared or white collared
Dress and Sense
The overseer is not  a tribe of
This morning
Blood & thick ills running down dirt ridden alleys
Punters? Will there be? The clock of his watch, gather, collect, gather to select
Glances through eye glass shaded rims to the fastest of workers
Slow and steady is work and the sun is ablaze
Crops on land and scythe on sheaf
Difficult leaves
Tempting plane research and new love for gas
Culture vultures’
Cigarettes smoulder
Long flight is their press and stress
Welcome ending car buyers, platters, clatter and laden fruit best picked lychees
In sheer tights, Louboutins clicking
Scent from the hills of their homes
Written is theirs, told is mine.
I seek and sit by my large stone of ground and clay
Mouth to mouth existence
Scent is on me around my fingertips, I imagine sniffing you by the hotel pool
Strong coffee
The colour of my skin
Staring all black eyes behind lashes curled in curiosity
Seeing the chief accepting back the uncle who paid too much? to many ladies by his side?
Did he dream of Stockings?
Laughter and a little tear from the sores
Binding bush green flourishing into my thoughts of you
Reminding my body of it’s height not air miles
Buses to higher learning to pots to hunt, to stick fight
My might is strong taste on your lips, the fruit skins are scattered sweet scents
Remembering us.

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