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by Jojovits1 

Posted: 30 April 2022
Word Count: 55
Summary: I got a few in. When I arrived in London, at 18, I still remember it being the loneliest feeling in the world. Still no idea why I didn't hop on the next coach back home! Couldn't have been that bad though, 33 years later and I'm still down here :-)

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Early May
I arrive.
In my suitcase
there are no
proper clothes
for this
strange climate
this variant
of sun
rarely seen
in the North.
Crowds in
shallow focus
packed clothes
like me
in this city.
I am a lost baby.
My penalty
for running
from a world
where I feel 
so old.

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 10:52 on 01 May 2022  Report this post
Ah yes -- N Ireland to Cardiff too in a nutshell! That naked loneliness that never leaves you. I wasn't running away though. I was merely pushed out -- like when you're born and don't want to be.

michwo at 12:07 on 01 May 2022  Report this post
The long and winding road... And this was just the start of it!

FelixBenson at 12:26 on 01 May 2022  Report this post
Amazing how we don't question it at that age and just get on with things even when they are hard. I was the same when I went to University, with no mobile phones, no internet, no landline of my own, just queuing up for the shared phone in the halls when I could afford a phone card or writing letters. I imagine London being so hard to adjust to - I have never lived there but I always think it must be so lonely and anonymous. But you can get that feeling anywhere at first and then as you say, you make friends and put down roots.

Really identified with this one, Jo.
And loved the way you captured that alienated feeling through these lines, as different weather can make a place feel so strange:

this variant
of sun
rarely seen
in the North

Lovely atmospheric poem with those wells of deep feeling coming through

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