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Tee`s Diary Week 2.

by TeeFoley 

Posted: 02 March 2004
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Teeís Journal.

Week 2

Not impressed with hair. Asked Diane to make it a little darker. It looks more like a muddy platinum blonde. Oh well will put toner on it tomorrow. Think Diane had a bad hangover as she forgot to cut it. Didnít really want her too to be honest as hands were trembling.

Mental note: Must wear warmer lipstick and sort out pastel eye shadow from drawer in kitchen.

Dog quietened down. Not enjoying dry dog food but havenít had need to borrow steam cleaner this week. Popped to see Rose, she is thinner than ever and is becoming a little vein. She now talks whilst looking in mirror and only talks about men. I think she needs a hobby, have suggested cooking but she is on a grape and tuna diet. Had to tell her she looked nice three times. She didnít notice my new to top and boots. Oh well.

Went to slimmerís club. Hadnít lost any weight but sold tins of curry. Everybody very pleased that I had purchased wrong flavour as this gave them an excuse to sin as they felt sorry for me. Club leader not too happy so I bought a vegetarian cook-book and magazine with the money. He perked up a bit then. Am feeling a little curious as to why we all have to speak about our week and he tells me, ĎIf ever I want to call him I have his number?í

Am missing Natalie at work. May look for another job, doesnít seem any point in being there now. Adrian seems to have taken a shine to Jane even though she is a size 18.

Mental note: Must show a little cleavage at work, may have better impact than power dressing. Will find pads for wonder bra and sort out any plunge neck-line tops I may have from last summer.

Hi Tee. Carl always has a runny nose.
Maybe he has a cold, is everything ok.
He falls asleep in van, dribbles and gets snot everywhere.
Oh dear.
Thought you said he was handy.
He doesnít know what a screwdriver is and canít use a tape.
Do you want to come for tea?
Canít am three jobs behind, away till Friday!
You seem really busy.
No am training Carl.
Oh dear.

Decided to bond with sonís. Took them for pizza, neither wanted to come but seemed pleased when they got there. Had a meal deal but there wasnít enough for me so felt good about diet that day. Spoilt it with bottle of wine when got home but still a good move as chatted to nice man on internet. Sent him my photo, he liked me. Am still waiting for his but he sounds nice. Feel very sorry for him as wife left him and he has lost his job. Made me feel glad I had a mortgage.

Mental note: Must go on internet more often, develops my social skills and makes me less judgemental. Bet he is gorgeous. Will do photo shoot at weekend to show them me at my best. Glad I found wonder bra and plunge neck-lines.

Had house valued and decided to put it on market. A new start will do me good and allow me more financial flexibility. I will be sad to sell this place but feel its time to consider something smaller. A little concerned it will alter my status as I like the whole idea of being detached but also feeling detached from society. May meet new people in terrace type property. Have missed not hearing neighbours live normal family lives. It gets very quiet here when my sons arenít at home.

Hi Tee its Nat. Just had to sign on, it was dreadful. Got big form to fill in and man treated me like a criminal.
Sounds terrible. Maybe a lot of them are. At least you will get free milk now.
Its not my fault I canít afford to work. I donít want free milk, I want a boyfriend.
I have some tinned chicken curry for you here. Have you got any plunge neck-line tops at all?

Mental note: Must stop talking to dog and texting friends I never see. Will focus on getting out more.

Had two viewings already. (One being a very nice Asian family,) but not too happy with all six of them going through my drawers and cupboards. Am sure they saw something that belongs to me of a private nature. Natalie said most women have one so I guess they probably do too? Wasnít as embarrassing as last year at my BBQ, when dog brought it downstairs, (switched on!)

Cleaned house from top to bottom. Found catalogue open on ladies underwear page underneath eldest sons bed and some crinkled toilet roll. How strange? (Hope he isnít cross-dressing as you never know these days?)
Mental note: Must buy son some nice manly boxer shorts with button fly detail. Will try to be more fatherly. Will go online and find chat room for parents, ask them what they think on it?

Boys went to Fathers for the evening. Donít think they saw much of him and his wife as they go out at weekends. Boys watched video with their step-brother. Apparently they stayed up until 4am as the two films they wanted to watch didnít start until the early hours. How strange that Sky puts childrenís films on so late. Must be for countries with different time scales? Good idea really.

Wanted to have a word with Mark when he dropped them off about parents evening but I think he was in a hurry as didnít see me running out of door. Dog escaped at same time and didnít come back for half an hour. Was returned by neighbour who didnít seem impressed as dog had got in through his backdoor and jumped on his bed. He said that his girlfriend didnít like animals. I apologised but wondered why they stayed in bed all day? Suggested he locked back door in future.

Bye Diary. Will tell you about internet manís photo next week. Canít wait to see it.

Tee xx

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Comments by other Members

Account Closed at 07:41 on 03 March 2004  Report this post
Still very enjoyable! I loved the naivity in

How strange that Sky puts childrenís films on so late. Must be for countries with different time scales? Good idea really.

One spelling mistake; vain not vein.

Even if this is a real diary, it reads like fiction and could make a fun novel: only problem is it would be compared to BJD marketed as BJ gets married, has children, gets divorced...

Jubbly at 08:13 on 03 March 2004  Report this post
Hi Tee, still enjoying this, it moves a long at a cracking pace. Great line about the tuna and grape diet. The character is really coming into her own and sounds great fun. Good luck with it.



TeeFoley at 14:45 on 03 March 2004  Report this post

Thank you very much. As the contents do detail my own day to day activities, the trouble is now becoming finding new topics to keep it upbeat as my life (at mo) is far less interesting as I am stuck on my pc writing !! So am going start getting otu and making things happen. Today... find man to stalk in supermarket... etc.

I know what you mean about BGD. I do want to avoid that, trouble is that particular book is so significant to similar age group. Is going to be hard to avoid it.

Thanks again for good feedback. Keep going on your work. lots of love Tee xxx

roovacrag at 17:01 on 03 March 2004  Report this post
enjoyed this one as well and got me thinking of my childhood days. Might do one myself though short story i havn't done. One off mind.
I enjoyed the flow of it and saw into the day.
Well done love.
xx Alice

Dee at 22:37 on 05 March 2004  Report this post
Priceless, Tee. Very enjoyable.

You've already got the 'vain' not 'vein'

I think you have a 'son's' that should be 'sons'

Otherwise - I didn't spot anything. I really enjoyed this.

Thing is - if you can't keep it up - do what the rest of us do - invent it. It is fiction, after all, isn't it?


Georgette at 09:45 on 28 May 2004  Report this post
Hello Tee,

I'm a new member but I've been browsing around the group's old e-mails. I read your work and the readers' comments with interest.

I think the piece is very funny and has potential. I have a suggestion for avoiding the BJD style. The Guardian newspaper has some good, inventive diarists amongst their pages (usually in the supplements). I suggest the Guardian as in my experience where they lead the other broadsheets follow. I would recommend reading their diarists to get a feel for the latest styles in this kind of writing (don't forget, BJD started as a newspaper column).

I hope my suggestion might be of help.

Best wishes,


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