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World going down

by Scott 

Posted: 28 March 2004
Word Count: 448

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Tale from the Old West (Going Down)

Beneath his crushing feat he accepted his fast arriving fate
And to the armies beat the meek fled on shaken feet
But he’ll stand tall

Retain some fleeting grace
On the spot he will fall

"Run" screamed a young soldier/ In case he didn’t know to do that
"Stand your post,” shouted the General, weeping without crying as his heart cracked
Lonely general on a busy hill, grabs the young soldier fleeing away from being a enemy kill
"Stand your post!" he orders to the soul in his grasp
"Why" cried the bewildered blond star boy, “ our chances are capped ”?

The captain let go and stood alone
He looked below
Should he run, should he go, he just didn’t know
The wind blew hard,
The grass tickled the faces of the dead who picked the death tarot card

Should they stand or run, hide or front
They were doomed either way
There was nowhere to cover
Here coming was the devils lover

Going down
Going down now
Going down
Going down now

In the distant, beneath the weeping heavens and the thunderous claps of sky
Marched forward a force far more frightening than the feelings of death shy

towards the small town herded a black wall of men
Devil upon devil, swaying and drifting down the beautiful, heavenly peaceful glen

His people only crime being in the way
No means to fight the greed that the devil pays

Going down
Going down now
Going down
Going down now

Such a lonely, lonely, lonely time

Going down now

Bernard the simple teacher made general
A war stopped the destiny he had to fill
A war blocked the road

Bernard taught medicine as a life line
He had the cure to ensure us a life fine
But of course man has this way
Of destroying the best of us every day
every man, woman and child were called to arms,
Bernard the simple teacher made general
They hadn’t a chance, the men of the mystic west were champions of war and no small band would break a sweat in their goal of absolute rule

Looking into a time that might have pasted I can see what Bernard would have been,
Should have done if not man urge for the counter strike destruction to all the unique wonders it can create,
A world where love just doesn’t conquer hate
Just think how history may have been
All those chances we should have seen

Bernard lies dead
He’s life changing cures never written, never read
All he’s good flowing out his head as the blood turns the earth beauty red

We’re going down

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Comments by other Members

Nell at 16:13 on 29 March 2004  Report this post
Scott, welcome back! There's heavy rhythm running through this piece that is almost like the boom of the guns. It's a story too, reminiscent of the old ballads. Well done.

Best, Nell.

Scott at 17:06 on 29 March 2004  Report this post

I haven't been visiting for a while since I've been wrapped up in many other things, mainly concentrating on my actual talent, illustration. I have had some success with humorous greeting cards but now I'm trying my luck at making an illustrated children’s book with a good funny story with it.

Best regards


Nell at 17:15 on 29 March 2004  Report this post
Scott, good luck. If you need any help with editing it just WW mail me.

olebut at 17:51 on 29 March 2004  Report this post
what an epic and fine piece
one small possible typo should it be 'an enemy kill'

take care


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