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Knowledge Is Good

by poemsgalore 

Posted: 15 May 2003
Word Count: 348
Summary: An experimental piece, suggested by a science fiction story written by a friend.

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Knowledge Is Good

Knowledge is good. The shadows have returned, they come and go but I'm not afraid. I know they will not harm me and knowledge is good.

I have a vague memory of a bright warm place where I felt safe, but I was pushed out of it. The memory becomes more dim as time passes. But how much time has passed? I have no knowledge of this - and knowledge is good.

One shadow always tends to my needs, makes me feel safe, makes me feel warm, takes away the strange, uncomfortable sensations that sometimes befall me. These are always accompanied by a loud noise that seems to surround me. It stops when the shadow lifts me and makes me feel good again.

Light turns to dark and back to light. Sometimes the memories of the bright place come back - but are soon forgotten. Knowledge is good. I know how to make the shadow come and knowledge is good. I know how to make the loud noise come, which makes the shadow come and knowledge is good.

Sometimes my limbs are free and I don't feel safe. I can feel them move and I don't feel safe, I feel as though I am falling - just like when I was pushed out of the bright place and into the noise and white light that hurt me. I know how to stop the white light and knowledge is good.

The shadows are becoming less shadowy. The one that takes care of me is very clear now. It has a round shape on top with two dark circles next to each other and a circle below them. Sounds come from this circle, pleasant sounds that make me feel good. They make me go to a warm, safe place. I know this place is called "sleep" and knowledge is good.

I have more knowledge now, but there is still more to come and the shape that cares for me will bring me that knowledge. I know now that she is my mother - and knowledge is good.

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Comments by other Members

Becca at 19:39 on 15 May 2003  Report this post
hello and welcome to here, is it a room, a site? I like to think it's a room.
In your piece is the loud noise the sound of the baby crying? It grew on me that it was a baby as I read through towards the end. It's good as an experiment, did you consider taking it further, expanding on it? What about another piece with someone dying, and in the same vein? What you wrote reminded me a bit of when people recount their experiences of having come back from the dead, probably because of the bright light. Send in some more pieces.

poemsgalore at 18:40 on 16 May 2003  Report this post
Thanx Becca, it is a baby and the loud noise is its crying. It occurred to me that no-one knows how babies 'think' but they must have some kind of thought processes to learn from new experiences. I hadn't thought of carrying it further, thanx for the suggestion. I will have to work on that one.

donut at 20:34 on 23 May 2003  Report this post
Knowledge is good, and yet throughout this piece I felt sinister undertones. Perhaps it's the sense of mechanism that the repetition brings; a mind with nothing to work on, an engine. I liked it very much - and hope I'm not misreading! There's always something uncomfortable in examining thought at its most basic levels; seeing the levers and pulleys behind the wizard's curtain.

tweed at 22:25 on 23 May 2003  Report this post
Thank you very much. Warm.

poemsgalore at 19:08 on 24 May 2003  Report this post
Thanks to everyone, you are all very supportive and helpful :-) I hadn't thought of it being a mind with nothing to work on, but that is exactly what it is.

TheGodfather at 17:03 on 18 August 2004  Report this post

I enjoyed your piece. I agree with donut that I felt some sinister undertones because of the repetition, maybe leftover from having just read a tale about wooden psychotic dolls. I don't know. This could very easily be turned into a longer idea. Bright warm place = the womb? Right? All in all a nice selection. At first, I wasn't sure if the repitition of 'knowledge is good' was adding or detracting, but it ended up a good thing. Keep writing.


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