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The Fig Tree (Act I - Revised June 2004)

by Tim Darwin 

Posted: 21 June 2004
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Summary: In a remote Iraqi village, where war has swept away the old order, an even older order re-asserts itself.

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Comments by other Members

Harry at 16:01 on 21 June 2004  Report this post
Hi Tim,

Thanks very much for the read. I hadn't read the first version so I don't have anything to compare it to, but this is a an interesting piece on an important topic. Looking forward to reading the rest so I have a clearer picture of it all. But congratulations on finishing it, and the very best of luck.

best regards


Tim Darwin at 09:22 on 22 June 2004  Report this post
Harry, many thanks indeed for reading and commenting, very greatly appreciated. I'll post Act II tomorrow, and the concluding Act III a few days thereafter.



rwildman at 10:46 on 22 July 2004  Report this post
I enjoyed this piece. The way the interrogation was presented I found very chilling, the interrogator's (can't remember the name) nonchalant, almost game show host manner was quite disturbing. Different in that the characters we follow and get to know are not the expected ones. The norm would be to find out about the americans and the iraqi prisoner would just be a generic evil terrrorist, but delving into his background and getting to know his family and previous situation was excellent. I look forward to seeing more.

Courtney S Hughes at 09:06 on 13 January 2005  Report this post

I really enjoyed this piece, it was very strong and in my ignorance (i.e. I haven't checked up on you) seems exceptionally well researched. How refreshing to read something that has not only thought but a passionate quest for facts behind it. Is it actually based on a case study from Iraq, maybe an article from the press?

You use Arabic language and tell the stories of Djuha, blending them in throughout the play to add an air of fantasy to the story which I liked and which works tremedously well theatrically, the crossing of the real world and the fantasy world. I am beginning to think that you have some good Iraqi friends who were able to help you with this research, names etc...

I think there is still some need for work on it however, there were moments where REZA's return was beginning to get a little too sentimental or cheesy but this kind of thing is difficult to write... credit to you though - it could have been A LOT cheesier and these things are forgiven due to the pure professionalism of your writing.

A really niggling point, there was one line that jarred for me, it just didn't seem natural:

BACON: We have a mission and we are late.

I'm not sure if that works, is BACON meant to come across as anal? Americans don't speak like that do they? I think parts of BACONs text need looking at because she does seem a little un-natural.

Other than that there was only one other major dissappointment...

I didn't get to see it at SOHO and I didn't get to read acts two or three :((((

Nice work.


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